Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the jungle!!

Our house!  Let me restart...this is the house BEFORE we put in about many hours digging it out of it's jungle.
Here is an AFTER pic!  I see the light!
In the above pic you can now see the screened in pool and just the corner of the pool house on the right.

Now this next couple of pics are the remainder of the front of the house.  It's very big and takes 3 pics from across the street.
In this pic, on the far left you can see the white fence...that will come down and that is boat parking for our boat...yes we own a boat!
 Now for the "Bridge to Terabithia"'s a kiddos paradise (esp. when it's not 100 degrees and 80% humidity)!   These next pics were all taken AFTER our hard's so fun to explore it all!
But here is what we had to go through to get there...the BEFORE!  I was actually scared to go out there before!
Lastly...the pool!  We LOVE the pool!  Before school started, the kids swam several times a day (since school started it has been non-stop rain).
It's all screened in for the bugs and critters but it seems to also help with the added bonus because sunscreen is one of the things I just don't like about summer.

That's where we are and I am looking forward to making it a home...filled with all our stuff!   There is still more to do on the exterior but for now, it's so much better than it was!  The neighbors are loving it many have stopped and enjoyed all our hard work. 
But for now, enjoy the jungle tour!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This doesn't happen in Colorado!

Oh it rains in Colorado but nothing like this...this is crazy rain.  It's comes down in sheets, literally.  Once second it is raining so peacefully and then you see the sheet coming towards you and WHAMMO, it's a torrential downpour.  It's like someone just turns the faucet on and then off again.  It's really amazing.  The streets become flowing streams in a matter of minutes. 
The kiddos think its the best thing and love to run out and get drenched.  I am sure the neighbors are wondering what the heck but hopefully we put a smile on thier faces too. 

On this day, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the truck to pick our MASSIVE pile of debris that had accumulated during our yard cleanup.  It was slowly drizzling and the kids thought the guy with the truck and the massive claw was pretty entertaining...
 then this happened...
and this...that is not hail just very large raindrops.  The poor cleanup guy just didn't stand a chance!
Not one to like being left out, Zander soon joined in on the fun (easy entertaining 101!).
I forgot to mention, this was about 8 in the was already so humid and hot, the kids loved the chance to cool off.
Like I said, it's amazing and from what Carolyn, my MIL says, it's not even rainy season.  Yicks.  I guess our new winter gear will be raincoats, rainboats and umbrellas!! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I WANT this house!!!!!

One of these years, this will be where you come to visit me...

my dream house, Anna Maria Island...

beach out the back door...

This pic is of our spot for the day...I was daydreaming that this was my house the entire time.
 absolutely perfect!
 I could definitely handle living here...sooooo Love it...and you are all welcome anytime!
One day....