Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's wrong with "House-cleaning day"???

It started like this...Summer starts this Friday!!!!!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!

A Kiddo/Mom meeting was in order... 

This is no laughing matter..I have to prepare...for my own sanity!

Good news...I need to make lists of all the fun (free) stuff to do, plan "Free Day", swimming outings, bike rides, hiking, bowling, weekends to WY!!  Great Mom...you rock!

Bad news...I need to plan home-school stuff, chore lists, house cleaning day, recycling day, laundry day and finally daily quiet time!
WHAT????!!!  Mommmmm!     

Most everything was exceptable to them expect house-cleaning day and daily quiet time...I got a big thumbs down for both...they actually started bargaining for 1/2 hour...hmmm...don't get why?  It's such a great thing to help your mom clean the house.  I have very good memories of helping my Mom when I was a kid clean the house during summer break while Loveboat played in the background.  It was on at 10 am on one of the 5 channels we got via the huge antennae on our house.  It was fun...right?!!!!

Here is the reaction at our meeting...

The meeting started like this...

And ended like this...
They only pretend...I think...!  Loveboat anyone?!  Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Our kiddos school have a fun run every year and they call it the HeatherHeatherwood after the most popular Boulder 10K the BolderBoulder!  It's a great event every year and the kiddos just love it.  It takes a lot of people to pull it all off and the ladies who run it do an incredible job.  

So the entire school comes out and runs a 1K around the school(2K if you are a 5th grader!)...the school is set in a very nice neighborhood so it's pretty ideal.  

Here is everyone during the National Anthem...very special!
The army of parents who are invaluable to this event!
The food table and in the kids opinion the most popular spot!  Thanks Moms!
Olympian and Boulder native Allan Culpepper was the guest/motivational speaker!  He also ran the race with the kiddos going back and forth to run with lots of the different age groups.  
What an incredibly gorgeous day!  After the spring we have had, it was a complete treat!

The kiddos!

Lili and her bud!
Zander and his bud!
Katia and her buds!
Myself and my ultra cool 5th grader!  Love that pre-teen! :)
The run!
It was a success in all of our minds and so proud of those cutie pies! Go Heatherwood Huskies!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opening Day!

Zander had his Baseball Opening Day with NYS on Saturday and we were all so excited!  They have a great coach, a great team, and a bunch of loud parents to cheer them on...myself included.  They are the Dodgers and that should make my family happy and since Grams and Gramps will be so close this summer, they can hopefully make some games!
Here are the Heatherwood boys...the team is a mix of 3 different elementary schools but Heatherwood has the largest presence.  They are all so cute...I always was a sucker for baseball boys! 
Here is the entire team!
As you can see, it was team picture day...I don't think we would have ever been able to set this up again if that picture man wasn't there to direct them all.  
Such a cutie pie!

The boys had their first game on Monday night...they won!!  15-9...Oh yeah, oh yeah!  
Go Zander...I LOVE that boy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We had a simply perfect day all set up...the weather couldn't have been better and Mom, Dad and Donna were able to join us!

First we headed to this little nursery to get some flowers to plant...just a few...

Geraniums...my absolute favorite!
Mom and Dad brought me a basket full of petunias!  We decided to divide the basket and make 2 beautiful pots full!
 Mums...perfect for Mom's day and so cheery...I love their smiley faces!
 Katia, Mom and I planting away!
 Our bounty! (these beautiful pots are now in the garage as snow has decided to fall once again in CO...just have to love that...NOT!!)
Planting wasn't the only fun to be had though!

Lili was busy painting...she was inspired!
Nerf catch with Grampa
YUMMMMMMMMMY!  It may look messy but it sure tasted amazing
It was the perfect day! 
Love you Mom!