Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of Love!!!

For Valentine's Day, my 11 yr. old daughter wanted to make something a bit more creative than just a card for all her besties...she came up with making little heart pillows.  She wanted to make quite a few and to make them completely on her own.  I had to come up with something pretty simple and very cute...I think we accomplished our mission...what do you think?

First...the fabric...making the choice is probably the hardest part but it helps to have an established scrap pile!!!  Have I mentioned I love my scrap pile?!!
Next, cut out a pattern from plain paper.  Now this is where you can be as creative as you like...I can think of so many different shapes that would make adorable little pillows.  

Now pin your pattern and cut out 2 hearts...simple enough...
We wanted raw edges to show and to fray so with the wrong sides of the fabric together, we sewed the edges with a long basting stitch leaving an opening just big enough to stuff your filling.
Now pin the edges up and sew it closed. 
DONE!!!  That's quick, like 15 minutes quick.  Perfect for little ones with short attention spans and Mom's who like to have their machines back quickly :)!
Make a few and spread the love...great for end-of-year "Thank you's" to your kiddos teachers!

So, kiddos are home from school today...teacher work day...we just might make a few more in some other fun shape!!!  Hmmm...what can we come up with?!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girl Scouts and cookies...

No I am not talking about GS Cookies (even though we did just finish selling them)!  Today I was in charge of snack for my daughters' Junior GS troops meeting.  Big Sis decided on oatmeal cookies, apples w/ cinnamon sprinkle and apple juice...easy enough!! 

I have been making Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies for what feels like my entire life.  My Mom let me start baking by myself pretty early and this was the perfect recipe to do on my own.  Plus, since these were "healthy" and my Dad's most favorite, I was allowed to make them a lot...I still do...especially when my Dad is heading to town! (Love you Dad!)

The recipe is so quick and so very simple...I think I could make them in my sleep.  Thank you Quaker Oats for such a great recipe and one that we can enjoy relatively guilt-free.  It's the perfect compliment to my frequent teas throughout the day.  

I bet you all have it already...just look on the inside of your Quaker Oats's there, I promise.  

Little Sis and I made these in no time and were on our way to the GS meeting after school where I overheard one of Big Sis's friend tell her "your Mom is good!"  Thanks sweetie and Quaker Oats (I swear I am not getting paid for this)! 

This is all that's left though...not much for my tea tomorrow...hmmm...what to do?!  

 I guess I could always make more, maybe tonight ;)!  

Leave me a comment about a recipe you could almost make in your sleep!  
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snoooow Fun!

Saturday was a good day!  It was our second snow day in a end in site either.  Carl had plans so he took off early in the morning.  I slept in (7:45!!!) and the kiddos quietly played wii and ds.  At least I think they were quiet...I put my earplugs in around 5AM and didn't hear a thing...PERFECT!  (my oldest is 11 yrs. old...she can easily babysit while Mom takes a deserved break from an early wake time!  Thanks Sissy!)  

We decided to spend our morning at the public library.  We live in Boulder but we had heard that Longmont, the town just to the north of us, had a great library too so we had to check it out.  We all loved it!  The kids section is really wonderful!  So that was the morning...

The afternoon was not so civilized.  While I was doing some sewing, the kiddos hung out. They played inside with their games, dress-up, laughing, wrestling, and then sliding down the stairs over and over and over again.  It was all fun but I just had to change things up a bit (a bit too crazy).  I told the kids to get their snow stuff on (again) because we were headed out.  They all assumed we were going sledding but Mom doesn't do sledding so much...just not my thing.

This is what we ended up doing...a neighboring playground that we hadn't been to in quite a long time!  They were so psyched!  Easy enough!
HAVE FUN AND PLAY SAFE...hmmm...that is just what I had been saying over and over again as they were zooming down the stairs at home!

This is what they did!
The pics are a bit dark...sorry...It was snowing hard the entire time but they loved every minute of it...I bet they played for 45 minutes!  

After I quickly took these pics, this is what I did!  
Now this is my thing...warm, cozy, quiet time doing my favorite things...reading, crocheting and watching my kiddos have a great time!  PERFECT! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Latest projects...latest fun!

I have finally gotten back behind my sewing machine.  It's been awhile.  With all the medical stuff going on last year and me getting used to some meds (hate, hate, hate...did I mention hate?!), it's been hard.  I haven't lost my desire though...just sometimes my drive is non-existent.  It does feel so good though when I get to sit down and just escape behind my machine.
So here is some of the latest stuff!

A Bella Bag for a the way this turned out!!!
An Izzy Bag!  This time I wanted to show off the liner fabric on the outside this fabric!
A Carol Ann Bag!  This is my version of the messenger bag...such a great bag.  This was made for another friend...she wanted bold and bright...we did that!
With some extra fabric I threw together this scarf that's lined with fleece and has a pocket to hold your MP3!  Perfect for walks in the cold!
The newest creation...The Kaete Bag!  A small messenger bag for anyone but perfect for girls!
In the works...the black is the softest cord fabric I could find!
My my stash!!
Click on the link to check out my site for more stuff for sale!

Happy Friday to Fam and Friends!  XOXO

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Sunshine Award!!

Thanks my friend!  My bestest, Shana, gave me a Sunshine Award...yippee...I love awards!

Now I will pass it on to my favorite blogs...they are all listed down the fun!

Luna B. Tees

I have to share this website with you guys!  My friend Michelle from high school started this site and I couldn't be more proud...she has done amazing and the stuff she sells is really so cute!  Her site is full of adorable, personalized tees that she makes herself.  So Creative!
You can get a tee for you daughter or son's birthday,  a holiday tee with their name,  a tee for the big sis or bro to be proud of their new baby sib,  a shirt for your dog, and even matching tees for your girls and their dolls.  Really cute!

 Please check out her wonderful site and if the desire comes along, go with it and place an order!  If you use the link in the sidebar...she will know you found her through me!  Us moms, we gotta support each other! 

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful day!  

We had a very sweet but mellow those days!  

It started out with this...
A new blanket of snow for the kiddos!

Then it was time for a healthy breakfast...

Enough healthy stuff...time for treats...
YUMMO X 2= a great morning!

My sweet girl capturing all the fun :)!  (That's a partially warn-off tattoo on her forehead)

Thanks Honey!

And finally, a slumber party in big sis's room to make a perfect day end even more perfectly!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Zander's Science Project!

It's that time of year...Science fairs galore and Zander found a pretty fun science project!

The Canister Rocket! 

Materials needed:
Alka Seltzer (generic Alka Seltzer works fine too)
film canister
saftey goggles
baking pan to contain mess (works pretty good)

It's very fill the film canister half full, put the antacid tablet in the lid, put the lid on, flip the caniter upside down and stand back.  As the carbon dioxide builds up, so does the pressure and the canister flies.  So easy and the kids love this!!

I love the looks on everyone's faces...just what Zander was hoping for!
You did a great job Zander!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After all it's..."Just A Buck"!

My son's 3rd grade class decided they wanted to do something to help the kids in Haiti that have all recently lost so much.  The original idea was for them to make a video to post on and help raise money that way.  It was idea that no one could possibly say no to..."Just a Buck"!  
Since then, the word has spread and today, Channel 9 in Denver decided to do a story about their efforts.  So many things have been absorbed in this teaching but COMPASSION is the key here.  The kids really do feel as though they are making a difference and it's a wonderful thing to see it in their faces.  

Here is the link to the "Just a Buck" website through Boulder Valley School District...this will link you to their video and also to the Colorado Haiti Project if you would like to make a donation.  

Here is the link to today's 9News video...Zander is a big part of this one, he is the one reading to the dog and class in the red jersey!

Here is our star!!!

We all send lots of well wishes and prayers to those in Haiti who are living through an unimaginable experience.  Hopefully this kindness will help them just a little! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Courage or craziness??!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

So I saw this story a couple weeks ago and just had to check it out.  I have been following everyday since.
It was all about a 16 yr. old girl in CA who was getting ready to launch a 6-7 month excursion, by herself, circumnavigating the world in her sail boat.  At first it was so amazing...what a fun adventure...I don't think I could ever do that.  It didn't quite hit me that she is only 16. 
At one point, she stated she is taking a southern route so that she can avoid pirates...I don't think I would have the guts...way too scary.  Check her out! 
Here is her website,
Here is her near-daily blog, 

Come to find out, Abby's brother has already done this trek and completed it in about 6 months and that there is another 16 yr. old girl in the middle of her journey.  Her name is Jessica and she is from Australia.
Her website:
Her near-daily blog:

 Now I ask you...What do you think?  Is this courage or crazy?  If trained, would you do this? 

My one friends reaction..."Does she have parents?" 

I hope this is their dream, that they are doing this for themselves and not being pressured by outside forces (parents included).  If this is their dream, I send them lots of well wishes.  Leads me to the another question...No matter how crazy they might be, do we have the guts to follow our dreams?  It does take guts to make yourself only get one shot!

Well I will continue to follow their journey's daily!
I am sending lots of luck, best wishes, and prayers their way! 
Be safe girls and have fun following your dream...may we all follow your lead!    

Thursday, February 4, 2010

100th Day of School!!!

This week the kids' school is celebrating their 100th day of school and Lili's Kindergarten class had a special project they had to do! 
To help the kiddos visualize what 100 is...they had to find items that they could easily collect in quantities of 100.  Since we LOVE to bake and chocolate around here, we chose a red, heart shape and white chocolate chips.  We had to place them in groups of 10 and be extra sure it totalled exactly 100.  We double check, triple checked and glued about 10 times so nothing falls off as we take it to school. 

She did a great job!  What do you think...
She also had a fun time!  We did this on Monday, a day she "didn't feel good" (she was fine, can you tell?)
My thoughts...

100 does not seem like that much when you are pasting white chocolate chips onto a page...sad!
Why does summer seem to go so slow and here 100 days of school has already passed?  Crazy! 

Happy 100th day Lili, Katia and Zander!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to it...barely!

So I have my craft area back after all that organizing and yesterday I actually had a few moments to enjoy sitting down to sew something.  It's been awhile.  With the health crap that has been happening, the holidays, and getting kiddos back into school mode, it's been a bit hard to get back to it.  It feels good though. 

Like I said last week, I love being organized...I don't love getting organized. 

 No more boxes of stuff though...well, ok, only 1 more to be packed away and it feels so good!  I went through everything and either re-packed it or gave it away to Goodwill!

So here is my area...cleaned, organized and ready to create! 
Now i just have to getting busy!  No excuses! 

I will show you what I have been working on soon!  Happy Tuesday everyone!