Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi everyone.

I am close to getting my act together and getting this blog back.

My computer took a nose dive into computer hell so I don't have any pics for you but...

Here's what's been going on...

Katia started 8th grade, her 4th year of violin, enrolled in her 5th session of ice skating (loves this!), and has more friends than she knows what to do with.  She informed me she doesn't know what to do about 14th b-day party in January because she wants to invite about 50 girls but also have a sleep-over...yea totally NOT doing that!!!  The eye roll I perfected in the 80's to my Dad's dismay can totally be used here.   

Zander started 6th grade, began trumpet in band, also has tons of friends plus 1 girl who continually throws acorns at him while he and his friends walk home from school...she likes him!!  So cute but I think he is about to start throwing back.  Watch out Lee!

Lili started 3rd grade, will begin violin next week, loves her new teacher even more than last year and has play dates out the wazoo.  Sometimes I don't even know they are gonna happen...for example...last Saturday I was sitting at my back porch having a glass of wine with my neighbor and great friend Debbie and one of Lili's friends and her mom just stopped by to see if our house was really our house (her daughter thought it was but they weren't sure)!  BTW...just stopping by is totally a Midwest would never do this in our old hometown...Boulder, CO.  Her comment..."we are totally going to be great at 3 on a Saturday is right up my alley"!  Cool!!  So glad I make such a good first impression!

My hubby is working his butt off at work and really making some amazing changes to a very out of date company.  He is bringing them into the 21st century!  We don't get to see him enough but things will only get better.  Thanks Babe!

As for me...well I feel like I have been floundering a bit lately.  When I was a kid and anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered "a mom".  Always.  I love my mom and she did such a good job raising my sisters and I.  To this day I still expect that if I call my parents house, my mom should be home and waiting to hear from me.  Just sitting there waiting!  I loved relying on that as a kid and I like that my kids have that same thing.  The one thing no one reminded me of was that kiddos eventually grow up.  They don't really need me at home all day.  When they are at school, I am finding that I am craving more...something else besides laundry, dishes, vacuums, toilets, and tv. 
We shall see what I figure out.  I will keep you all informed! 

And in other exciting news...It's my FAVORITE time of the year...FALL!!!

Happy Family time, Football, cozy, comfort food and cool nights!

Hopefully I will be back soon with some pics of our summer...Chow for now!