Monday, January 30, 2012

I never knew...!

Some things you might not know about me...

1. I taught myself to sew, crochet, quilt, and embroidery!
2. I love Kansas State University (I quess you might know that if you saw my last blog!)!
3. I met my best friend at Kansas State our freshman year,1987...we started talking and never stoped!
4. I celebrated my 20th Wedding Anniversary in December!
5. My favorite colors are lime green, turquoise, cranberry red and bright pink!
6. I have 2 big sisters whom I adore!
7. I love hanging with my Mom!
8. I love to bake!
9. I love my Honda minivan (thanks biggest Sis!)
10. I am a new lover of yard sales!
11. I am a fabric addict!
12. I love road trips with my family!
13. I read every night before bed!
14. I love a bargain at the Goodwill!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kansas State University!

I love Kansas State!  I have all my life!  I think I might have some purple blood.
My Dad played football for KState in the late 50's and I always knew that I would be a KStater.
There was really no question.

I spent my highschool years going to every football game...when they weren't so good.
I my spent college years going to more football games and lots of basketball games...when the BBall program started being pretty darn good at KState.
Now I am quite a good distance from Manhattan, KS and KState but they are always my favorite.  Forever!

I have an unhealthy dislike for the "other" school in the state...wait...what other school?!!!
My kiddos sometimes get confused about which Kansas school they are supposed to not OK with me!  I only say this because I think most of the "other team's" fans have just as unhealthy dislike for KState.

Thanks to the internet, I am watching KState Basketball against Oklahoma, listening/ignoring my kids while they "rough house", doing my blog and finding fun stuff on Pinterest!
Life is good!

and...if I were at the game right now, this is what I would be wearing!!!

PERFECT, right?!!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

I think I get it now!!!

So I have mentioned Pinterest a couple times lately and that it's relatively new to me.  I just didn't get it at first but I think I am gettin' it now.
So the best way I can explain  it is when I am online, say a fabric store, I can "window" shop to my hearts desire and when I see a fabric I like I  "pin it" and put it on a board.  These boards are "virtual" files of things I love and I can make and label them whatever I want them to be.  Now I have kept real files with pages and pages from magazines of great ideas...craft ideas/recipes/decorating ideas/dream home stuff/etc forever.  This is just a non-bulky method of doing the same thing.   

Pinterest is also great because the picture I "pin" links me back to the page where I found it.  This way I can buy it when I am ready.  Great idea!

Now I suggest you go lose yourself as I have...Pinterest

Some fun stuff I have found on Pinterest and now WANT!!!!

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

Now for the questions that arise...where can I get it all and how much is it going to cost me?!!!
The green in the second set of pics is awesome!

Happy Thursday and maybe happy pinning/shopping!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just randomness busyness!

Hi Everyone!

Well I got my fabrics, my machine and my other essentials out and into the family room the other day and all I succeeded in was making a mess.  I also gave myself a slight annoyance though because my girls decided I got it all out just for them and that I must have the time now to teach them how to sew.

Oh the joys...breathe, just breathe!

I am actually more busy now than ever and that's ok with me...most of the time.
I do lose it though...just ask the hubby.
I enjoy all of the stuff I am involved in but man the days can be a bit crazy.
K and L are in figure skating lessons and need to practice at least 2 nights a week with their lessons taking a 3rd night.
Z has started Bball and has official practice 1 night a week but wants to practice on his own 2 other nights.
K has yearbook and student council along with all her studies.
Of course that means I am running back and forth to schools, work, the schools again, and then to the rec. 

The life and times of a crazy, busy, happy mom!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to the old "grind"!!!

So I am thinking I will get out my fabrics today!
This makes me smile!
I haven't had my stash out in about 8 months and I am looking forward to seeing all those great fabrics once again.
I know it's going to lead to trouble though...
the need (want) to buy new fabric/craft supplies
late nights staying up crafting away
oh well...I will manage!

One thing I found the past couple years is to always have a crochet project going.  It's easy to cart around all over the place because all you need is yarn and a hook!  Easy enough!
So this has been my latest project...!

Our neighbors are having a baby in March (obviously a girl!) and I wanted to make them a little baby afghan for the car seat/stroller.  It's turning out nice.

As you see, I have 3 more squares to do plus I am thinking of doing a few with white on the outside...I just think it needs to be a bit bigger still.  Those 3 sticky notes are the 3 I still need to do and the order I want them in.  Funny story: One of my kiddos picked these notes up and brought them over to me and said "Mom, what are these?".  I over-reacted just a bit...only a bit.  It's not like I spent an hour setting these up in the correct order and figuring out what I was missing.  I "nicely" said "PUT THEM BACK and STAY AWAY!"  Nice and calm!  Ha!

These colors make me happy!  I LOVE them so much, especially that green and turquoise. 

I also need to figure out how I want to finish it off.  When I do I will share the masterpiece!

What are you working on?  Link up and share!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Back to normal?! Maybe a little...

Things are starting to feel feels really good.
As most of you know, we have done a bit of moving the last 2 years.  We sadly left our life in Boulder the summer of 2010. Carl's little brother in FL had suddenly and shockingly past away.  We arrived in FL thinking we would stay a couple weeks and hang with the family.  We had options because Carl was out of work so once those 2 weeks were up we decided that maybe we could make FL work for our family.  We got the kids enrolled in school, moved our stuff down (several trips) and started making our new life. didn't work out.  We loved the beach, being near my In-Laws and the warm weather, but there just was no way to support our family.
And then things changed...for the better!  Carl started working for a company in St. Louis
...the bad was in St. Louis and we were finally all moved in and settled in FL.  At first he would leave us for a couple weeks at a time, work his butt off, and then drive or fly back to visit a couple/few days and then leave again.  It was hard for all of us and just a bit expensive.
The decision was finally made to move to St. L.  While I packed up the house in FL with a lot of kiddo help, Carl was back in MO working and trying to find us the perfect community.  With a little help from new friends, we found the perfect rental, the perfect town and great schools. 
So now we are here!  We have a nice, old home (built in the early 1900's-LOVE IT!), our stuff has made it's way from FL, the kids love their schools and have made new friends, Carl's job is going gang-busters, and I have startled back into the working world.  I am working part time for the same company as Carl but I work in the accounting dept.
It feels good.  I feel like we are getting ourselves back on track.  I feel as if we are living in a place that could be home for a long time.  We all feel the same way.

We learned a lot a long the way...
1. you don't NEED everything you WANT
2. don't be afraid to try something new
3. it's OK to ask for help when you truly need it
4. it's hard to stick together and tough it out but it feels so good when you succeed
5. have faith that you can MAKE things different
and finally...
6. garage sales are AWESOME!

Off we go!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Happy Monday!

I have found a new thing...some of you probably know this thing...Pinterest.

I have heard people talk about it but didn't know much...still don't know much.  All I know is there are a lot of pics and if I like the pics I can "repin" them.  If I don't...I don't.  Simple right?

My question (ignore my stupidity for a moment)...where are all these pics coming from?
I guess when I am searching the web I can "pin" things that I like.  They post to Pinterest and people on Pinterest see them.
Hmmm...seems simple....but who cares?  I guess its advertising without paying for it?  I am a bit perplexed.  I will figure it out though.

It's kindof like how I feel about twitter...why the heck do I need to know what you are doing at this precise moment or why do I need to know the crazy idea you have in your head at this very moment?
I just don't need that info.
Some things I just don't get...don't think i ever will but I will try.  I love my simple cell phone, my simple computer, my simple's hard to change.

I feel like this lady that I ran into once...I was in Hays, KS, making my way back home to Boulder and I stopped in a SuperWalmart and asked this lady where the Starbucks was.  It seemed a simple request.  She looked at me with disdain in her eyes and said..."We don't have none of that Fancy coffee here".

Hmmm...I am just saying...I feel like I am falling behind the times...I don't have none of that fancy stuff.
I don't have a "smart" phone...I guess mine is a bit stupid but I love it!     

What I am finding is that a lot of you out there spend a lot more time surfing the web than I do.  A lot of you "window shop" a lot more that I do...and then when you find those "great things" you need to share.  I guess it's the old time playgroup where I used to hang with my girlfriends and we would gossip about the lastest this or that.  I don't want to do it on a computer though...I like getting together with the girls and chatting up the latest thing.
I miss the good ole' days...thats sad...I sound like my grandma!  I loved her dearly but she used to say that to me alot.

Well I will reluctantly follow...eventually.  For can check out Pinterest yourself and see some of my pins.  See the new button on the side...over there to the right...?!  Yup, that one.  Click there and start a new adventure!
There aren't too many "pins" as of yet.  Maybe more to follow soon.  When do you all find the time?!!!
I can't figure out how to put a "pin" on my blog...any ideas?  Email me.

Have a great week!  Love!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday and...Thirteen!

So just last week I was saying how this is the day to focus on something small that we are thankful for because our kiddos and family are always on the top of all of the list.  That's a given... 

But today is not going to be about the little things...
Today I am thankful for my new TEENAGER!!!  She just appeared...this grownup!
*She is kind!*
*She is loving!*
*She is a good big sis!*
*She is smart!*
*She is stylish!*

*She is silly!*
*She is a good friend!*
*She is talented!*
(*most of the time!!!*)

She is a TEENAGER and she is thrilled about it!

Where did these days go...???

They seem to have just wizzed by...not fair!
...She thinks it's totally fair!

Happy 13th Birthday K!
 We love you!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

I have another great TV show to tell you about!
If you haven't heard of the PBS Masterpiece show called "Downton Abbey" then you must check it out.
It's my newest favorite.  I mentioned last week I love the show Parenthood...this has all the same stuff, drama, family issue, and humor, but is set in England before and then during WWI.  It's a wonderful glimpse into life of privilege that most of us don't really understand too much.

I recently saw an ad for the show's Second season and thought it looked interesting.  I checked it out and so enjoyed it.  I spent some free time this week catching up on Season 1 which begins when the Titanic sank in 1912.  Last night (Sunday) was the premiere of Season 2 but you can easily catch all the episodes any time online at is the link.

I just checked...they already have tonight's episode ready to watch!  I actually like watching it online...watching it tonight on TV was a bit difficult as there are no commercial breaks.  Sitting there for 2 hours without having to get up for something...laundry, kiddos, a snack, potty impossible but then of course you miss something. 

And if you just can't get enough info about the of the my favorite blogs called "Hooked on Houses" did a blog just today about the show as well.  She shows a bit about the amazing castle where the show is filmed.  It's really beautiful.  I couldn't even imagine living in a place like that.

Check it out...I think you would enjoy it!   

Back soon!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi all!

If you have read my blog for know this blog is about random stuff, it's my random blog and Thursday are now Random Thankful Day!

You already all know that I am thankful for family, kiddos, job...

So from now on, when I say Thankful Thursday, just think of those things as a forgone conclusion...I want this to be something random in life that makes this particular day easier.

It's something that I/we might not think about too often or take for granted...for example, Oxygen...I don't think about the fact that I am able to survive on this earth everyday because of O2 (let's keep it clean please, I would like to keep on breathing for many years to come!).

Maybe it's something simple that makes you smile...example...the show Parenthood!!! 
Love this show!
I love that it makes me laugh and cry within the hour that its on my TV.  It's like an cleanse of all the emotional crap that seems to build up in a week.  I hate when they take breaks though...thank goodness they are back with more shows now!

Maybe you are thankful for something that doesn't get used often but you are sure happy you have it when you need it...and that leads me to my thankfulness of the insurance!  When you don't have it, it can be stressful, I know this as we didn't have it for a while and we had some major health issues.
Today I need to make an appointment for my littlest for new glasses...the glasses I blogged about last year around this time.  Yes, her and I together lost her glasses.  I think what happened was she decided to use a new backpack a couple months ago and I decided to donate the old one to Goodwill without checking to make sure it was completely empty.  Some body at Goodwill got some very cute purple prescription glasses and I now need to replace them!  Oh the joys!  Last year though this was a bit of a strain for us, this year, not so much, thank you job and Anthem/Blue Cross!

I wonder if she will choose purple again...???!!!  I will let you know!