Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday and...Thirteen!

So just last week I was saying how this is the day to focus on something small that we are thankful for because our kiddos and family are always on the top of all of the list.  That's a given... 

But today is not going to be about the little things...
Today I am thankful for my new TEENAGER!!!  She just appeared...this grownup!
*She is kind!*
*She is loving!*
*She is a good big sis!*
*She is smart!*
*She is stylish!*

*She is silly!*
*She is a good friend!*
*She is talented!*
(*most of the time!!!*)

She is a TEENAGER and she is thrilled about it!

Where did these days go...???

They seem to have just wizzed by...not fair!
...She thinks it's totally fair!

Happy 13th Birthday K!
 We love you!


Shana said...

Happy Birthday K!!
We love you and know you're going to be an awesome teenager!

Mom & Dad said...

G & G are so proud of our new teenager.