Friday, January 25, 2013


I have been eyeing some stuff...a little treat for myself.
I haven't done anything about it yet but I really love these two websites and I must simply share the info.
I think I will just share this info with the hubby too!!!  Oh Honey?!!!!

So here's website #1...

Lisa Leonard Designs

#1 Pick

I would love this turquoise necklace. 

#2 Pick


#3 Pick

So Lovely!

Now for the second website I've been eyeing!

The Vintage Pearl

#1 Pick (my favorite!)

I think I just have a thing for turquoise but this bird is definitely on my short list.  I WANT THIS!!!

#2 Pick

This one is really great too.  Love that it's called mama bird.  You order the # of pearls to match the # of kiddos.  Love this a lot!

One day I will have one of these and I will cherish it!
If you have a special Valentine...they would love one of these...I'm sure of it and I bet if you order now, they could have it done by 2/14!  Think about it!

BTW-I am just benefit to me at all!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something we all need to remember!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Read the book-highly recommend!
Watched the movie-twice now-highly recommend!
Love this quote-makes me teary every time Miss Abi says it!

This is the most important lesson we should all teach our kiddos!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Birthday to my first baby girl! 
She is a wonderful girl-so full of life, love, happiness, and sincere kindness. 
She is a joy and she blesses our hearts everyday! 

She had a fun birthday planned.  She invited her 2 besties and once they arrived we headed to get manicures.  They it was off to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and shopping at the mall.  They went one direction in the mall and her Dad and I went the other.  We were close but not too close!  We met up at 8:45, right before closing and heard all about their 2 hours shopping and having "the best time ever!".

Happy 14th Birthday my Love!  

This is the picture I like the best...

K in the middle with her 2 besties!

This is the one K likes!

K's new haircut!

Scary thought...she goes to highschool next year.  She is only 1 year from being able to learn to drive a car.  She LIKES BOYS! 
Oh no...


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!!

The last day of the year around our home...

I am so thankful for all that our family has been blessed with in 2012.  I am so thankful for my kiddos and the joy they bring to my life everyday.  I am thankful for my hubby of 21 years and all he does for the kids and I each and everyday.  I am thankful for our house, our neighbors and our new hometown.  I am thankful!

Happy 2013 everyone!