Friday, January 25, 2013


I have been eyeing some stuff...a little treat for myself.
I haven't done anything about it yet but I really love these two websites and I must simply share the info.
I think I will just share this info with the hubby too!!!  Oh Honey?!!!!

So here's website #1...

Lisa Leonard Designs

#1 Pick

I would love this turquoise necklace. 

#2 Pick


#3 Pick

So Lovely!

Now for the second website I've been eyeing!

The Vintage Pearl

#1 Pick (my favorite!)

I think I just have a thing for turquoise but this bird is definitely on my short list.  I WANT THIS!!!

#2 Pick

This one is really great too.  Love that it's called mama bird.  You order the # of pearls to match the # of kiddos.  Love this a lot!

One day I will have one of these and I will cherish it!
If you have a special Valentine...they would love one of these...I'm sure of it and I bet if you order now, they could have it done by 2/14!  Think about it!

BTW-I am just benefit to me at all!

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