Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a life!!!

We love visiting Baba in Florida...the only option is to have fun!

...a huge bonus is the beach just down the road about 10 min!

Anna Maria Island, FL
It was late afternoon and so hot and felt great to be soaking my feet and looking for those stray shells. 

The kiddos did more than soak their feet...they always do?!  It always more fun to get in!
Zander and Katia were not hesitant at all...jumped right in head first and immediatly were too deep for my liking...ah, mom! 
Lili stayed a bit closer to me and enjoyed the waves crashing into her and not her into them. 
As you can see, we were not the only ones...we were surprised how busy it was.  I guess we weren't the only ones with a brilliant idea on how to spend an hour or two.  Lili did become a lot more, not so much. 
A very nice welcome to Florida! 

More later...I am off to read my book, enjoy the sunshine and watch the kids jump in the pool over and over, again and again.  Gotta love it! 
"Mom, look at my CANNONBALL!!!!"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one of the many reasons I love summer...

This was fun...they loved every moment!

Day: Awake and chillin' out. 
Set-up takes a lot of work.  There's no telling how many trips in and out of the house it took to get this job done but they were busy, they worked together and I loved hearing them get along throughout the entire process.  The side tent is their dressing area.
NIGHT: they finally conked out about 10pm.  Goodnight lovebugs!
Gotta love summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to WY Mom and Dad!!

The days have been long, the road has been hard but I am thrilled that you have finally made it...yay! 

I welcome you to your new house and can't wait for you to make it your home (no pressure though)!

I am proud of all your hard work and determination over the past 3 summers.  It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  It amazes me to think this is house #4 and the last (it better be!)!

Here is what all your hard work has produced what you/we should be so proud of!

June-The beginning of the shed

September-The roof of the shed (Dad, Carl and Gordon)
June-The house is started

August -The House is starting to take shape

The view is so GREAT!!!
Relaxing after a long day...who doesn't love burning sticks and roasting marshmallows?
June-The beautiful stairwell is complete...perfect!  Celebrating Father's Day in such a great way.
The view from the road...what a wonderful welcome as you drive up...makes me want to hang out a while.
The Front-the log entry is so nice.
This place makes me happy...really happy.  I become so relaxed when I come here.  I think I will be making several trips up to just "get-away" own mom's weekend away with M&D.  I know the kiddos will protest but they won't get to go with me all the time.

You know, I even have my own rock, Mom even calls it that...Alicia's rock.  It's the place I go to sit and think, meditate or read whatever my book is at the moment.

In this picture Katia is there with me and you can barely see the lake in the background (the pic is weird).  
and here it is from the road...on the upper, right side of the pic. 

Mom and Dad, 
You picked a great place to build such a great retreat.  I love it and hope that everyone will feel as welcome as I do.  
I love you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

C got a new toy!  He is psyched!  He traded one thing for this and is thrilled with the outcome.  Watch out elk/deer...C is heading your way!  Yay...we all love this fresh, un-farmed, natural source of meat for our family.
 Nice arms!!!
Kiddos love theirs too!

It was a wonderful day filled with C/Dad's favorite things...his kiddos and his new toy!

Happy Father's Day C!!  We love you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Katia...growing up and fairy houses!

My oldest baby is growing up and acts that way most of the time.  She is a typical, moody, lovable, eye-rolling pre-teen who I adore with all my heart and who loves me most of the time. 

I love that she is just like me...(I hate that she is just like me!) 
She loves playing with what few high heels I own, she loves to wear my 1 fancy dress, she loves to paint her nails, she loves to do her sister's hair, she loves to rearrange her room, she loves her girlfriends, she loves to have a craft project and she adores shopping...PERFECT!  
But every now and then I still see glimpses of my little girl again and I suddenly know that my time with her, under my wing is growing shorter and shorter.  

Here she is just a few years ago...the first day of first grade!  This was such a magical day and I remember it so clearly.  It was early morning and we were waiting for the bus to arrive.  She was nervous because it was the first time she had ever gotten to ride the bus because I took her everyday to kindergarten...I wasn't quite ready to give her up yet.  She met one of her best buddies that day...just 2 short bus stops down!
And here she is today(right)...just 3 weeks ago at 5th grade graduation with her 2 bff's!
Wow!  The time just zooms by and it seems like it can't be possible that we are already I must have missed something.   

But as I said, my baby girl still shows up some's always magical.  

She designed a sweet fairy house.  It was a rainy day and she worked on this for hours.  It has named beds for each fairy to lay their fairy heads on, wonderful stairs to get to all the floors and backpacks hanging out waiting to help their fairy pals.  I love it!  
I love that it combines everything she is all in one...creative, beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, and imaginative.  

These days are numbered and I will always cherish every one.  You will always be extra special K as you taught me how to be a mommy and I have loved every minute of it!   

I love you K!  Mom

Friday, June 11, 2010

My strategies for surviving summer

The kids and I hang out together all summer.  It's been this way forever and I LOVE it.  I do complain sometimes but for the most part I truly enjoy it.  This summer we are definitely on a budget and we have been working hard to fill our time and our brains while not emptying our wallets. 

But this blog post is about surviving summer.
There are times when we all get a bit frustrated with each other...normal things...things that you probably have happening at your house.
-the kids not listening to me
-the kids not listening to each other
-the going in and out, in and out all day long and the slamming of the door each and every time
-making 3+ square meals a day plus snacks
-wet clothes and towels always left on the floor
-disagreeing about what to watch on TV
-what we should do today
-who can come over and play
and on and on and on...

I have gotten a lot of advice on how to keep kids busy, entertained and smart during summer and over the years I think I have gotten good but it's always a challenge. 

My solution...Lists  I spend a lot of time thinking up lists.  Lists for each kiddo.  The lists consist on chores, study time, reading time, nighttime-getting ready for bed stuff (the bain of my existence), and having fun.  The goal in this is to keep Mommy (me) sane.  No one wants a crazy mom...lists make mommy happy and when mom is happy, everyone is happy. 
This year I started a new reward program.  The kids' school has a Paws for Applause program and decided that I would start the same kind of thing at home.  The thought being that the more good behavior will be forthcoming if I reward it...sounds good right?  In theory, yes but I will let you know come the end of summer. 

Another great theory I heard from a friend is the "I'm bored" list which I still need to's a great idea.
It works like this...
There are 2 lists.  One is a list of ideas that the kiddos can look at when they are bored and need something FUN to do.  The 2nd is for when they actually come up to me and say the words "I'm bored".  The list contains stuff that isn't much fun to cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning your room, weeding, etc, etc.  I really dislike those 2 mom used to say that only boring people get bored...hated it!

So far things have been going great but as I said, I will let you know come August 17th!

How do you survive summer?  More theories are always a good thing.  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our start to lazy summer days...!

This is what we have been up too lately...

Water fun!

Lego scenes!




Ohhh, the LAZY days of summer!!!  So lovely! 

This past/first week we were completely week starts our grand plan-my grand plan of homeschooling, chores, charts, and schedules...a bit of order is always nice...for me!  A crazy mom is a crazy mom!!  Not a good thing.

I haven't been doing much sewing but hope to get some inspiration soon.  Now that the plants we planted and growing in the garden, I have my work space back...maybe that will help. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer, family and bbq's!!!!

I have been anxiously waiting and trying to be's finally summer and I am the happiest person around!! 

This weekend was very exciting for many reasons...
School is out, friends/family visiting and the annual BolderBoulder 10K race!!!

Kids and I are really enjoying our freedom from any and all routine.  I have some stuff planned out but we are taking a week off and just flying by the seats of our pants.  So fun!

Friends/ this case they are one and the same.  My best friend from college came into town to run the BB with her fam.  She is truly a sister to me and I love her dearly.  We bbq'd and talked while the kiddos played and played.  A completely perfect summer evening!


Now for the BolderBoulder...the largest 10k race in the country!  I have run it twice before but I didn't run this year.  Bestie, her hubby and their son did and they LOVED it!  I am not's a fun, fun race and It was an incredibly beautiful day.  I drove them into town as the other kiddos and hubby slept and it really couldn't have been a better morning.
Here they are...6:55am...all set and ready to fun their tails off!  
Our view on the way to the race...can it really get any better???!!!

Happy Memorial Day!  I send many thoughts and prayers to Grandpa in of the many brave veterans our country is so proud of.