Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In honor of my bestie...she is the most funny, kind, honest, lovable, sarcastic, generous, and always willing and able to put up with me for over 20+ years! She never fails to pick me up when I am down, make me laugh when I feel like crying, and clean up after I puke on her mailbox (not my fault...blame the crazy neighbor ladies whom I shall let remain nameless but who know exactly who they are!!!)...she's a dream!

A real BFF truly make your life better! I Love her dearly! honor of her, here is a clip from a new show on NBC...looks like a good one too...I only wish S and I were not so far apart we could watch it together!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I just did this?!

It's Thursday...actually Thursday and I have some things to be thankful for...on time...whoo hoo!

Thankful for...
my Mother-in-Law
Spring Break
no homework
no schedules

So my MIL is in town visiting us this week and we have been having a ton of fun.  Not only have we been going places and seeing new things, we have been hanging out at home, chatting it up and laughing.  It's been so nice!  I have always loved her dearly but I don't think I have always appreciated her thoroughly.  She is silly, funny, spontaneous, willing to do anything for my kids, and just plain lovely!  Here is some of our fun!

We headed to The Magic House...the StL Children's Museum!  What an awesome place that is...WOW! 

The bubble room was one of my favorite areas and there were many cool areas!

This was very cool.  You just stood there and danced to the music.  This is Baba (the word for Grandma in Croatian) and Lili!


very Cool!

Very very cool!

We also hit the fabulous StL Zoo!  It was such a beautiful day!  Some highlights...

Even though they are getting big, everyone still loves the carousel!
"Don't mind me, I'm just going to eat my corn!"

"Go Away mister", "Oh but I wuv you so!"

"Oh I am so beautiful, look at my big, strong arms...are you impressed?!"

"Why can't I come hang out with you?"

"Oh my, I can't always entertain you people!"

The very cool train.  It takes about 20 minutes and it gives you a full tour of the zoo.

We saw a few animals but a lot of them seemed to be sleeping yesterday.  It was still great fun!

Today I think is a hang out day here at home...specifically requested by one of my kiddos...crazy huh?!
So let me say, Thank you Carolyn for being a great and wonderful Mom and Mom-in-Law!   Love!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thankful for...

~I started this on "Thankful Thursday" but as you will see, it took me a bit to get it all organized~

Today I am so very thankful for...
my feet
my new walkin' tennies
my new town and their historical society! 

Here is why...

From the Webster Groves Historical Society website-
"Beginning in 2001 with the “Heart of Webster Historic Walk”  and completing in 2007 with the Tuxedo Park walk, the series includes a wonderful cross section of our City, both architecturally and sociologically. The Walks highlight houses and other locations because of their architectural merit or their historical significance. They are helping the City of Webster Groves increase awareness of the outdoor architectural museum we call our neighborhoods. They are educational and recreational."

Here are some of my favs...

Alexander Pierce House, 1909.  He owned a plumbing supply business.

Albert Blackmer House, 1927

Robert Studley House, 1865.  Founder of the R.P. Studley Printing Company.

Edward P. Rice House, 1866, once owned by the founder of the Ralston-Purina Company.

Alexander P. Robinson House, 1890.  Alexander was the superintendent of the Waters Pierce Oil Company.

Edwin Gloor House, 1903. 

J.E. Holland House, 1926.

Gertrude, Blanche, Hattie and Eugenie Brooks House, 1901.  This is one of my true was built for 4 sisters who's family had moved to Webster Groves in the 1880's.  Their family's original farmhouse seems to be very close to where our house is located today...maybe even the farmhouse next door.  I will look into this! 

Frederick H. Gore House, 1891.  This was a wedding present to Frederick from his mother, Katy Gore!

Kate G. Thompson House, 1897.  This was one of 4 houses built by Kate as investments and to attract successful businessmen to Webster from the big city.  In those days Webster was a train ride away from St. Louis which today is easily done and takes only about 10 minutes. 

Warren H Simmons House, 1893.  Mr. Simmons was the secretary for the St. Louis Cotton Exchange.  You can barely see this but at the top of the roof is the top of an atrium that runs down the center of the house allowing sunlight to flood the entry. 

The Catherine (Katy) Gore House, 1891.  Katy (mentioned above) built this house for herself the same year she built the house she gave to her son for a wedding present.  This woman sounds like she was quite the character...I think I will do some research on her!

William L Wright, 1901.  This picure does not do this house justice.  It's big, beautiful and has a separate carriage house with upstairs apartment.  Another one of my most favs!
This has been a major bonus for me as I have started walking once again.  These guided walks are so great because they mix together two of my favorite things, being outside walking and a little history about all the amazing house I see along the way.  There are 7 walks in the's walk was a 2.5 miler called "Ridge at Rock Hill Road".  The guidebook lists homes and buildings, talks about their architectural features and gives a little history of who originally built the house.  I love it!

I also came upon the former house of artist Mary Engelbreit.  I knew she was from St. Louis but I didn't know she once lived here in Webster Groves and for all I know she might still be near...I will keep a look out for her!
Here is her former house...
I can so imagine Miss Ann Estelle, "the princess of quite a lot", playing in this yard!
It is so much better to do the actual walk than to see these pics but I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I will probably do a couple more soon!  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I'm listening to today...

I love me some fun country music...some of my favs...The Band Perry, Sugarland, Miranda Lambert etc...
Mostly I love to sing to it...the songs are easy to learn and I love to belt me out a tune.  I am sure my neighbors are loving it too...I will believe that they do!!



This one just makes me laugh!

I love the chorus...

"Let's shake hands and reach across those party lines,
You got your friends just like I have mine.
We might think a little differently, but we got a lot in commen you will see,
We're just like you...only prettier!"
Hahaha!  Love that last line...typical girl, have to get in that one last jab!

And finally...

Enjoy...I am...I'm singing them right now and I bet you wish you were here!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

spring bulbs
buds on the trees
red cardinals (as of yet just the actual bird not the StL BB team...putting that off a bit as I have to weigh the importance of being disowned by my big sister!)
My neighbor, Debbie
Girl Scout cookies
Pandora Radio

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommyhood, mumbling and houses!

Oh my.  Another day.  I am kind of in this weird place.  Things are good, I am happy but I just don't know what to do with myself now that kiddos are in school full-time.  Here's how most days go...

My day starts at 5:15 when I help get the hubby out the door for work.  I like that.  I know that he eats good for his long day and once he's gone I get some time to myself before kiddo craziness ensues.  You know, the craziness of getting 3 kiddos ready for school.  First there's the gripes about having to wake up, then what to wear (my 13er mostly...I never had this problem...ha!), then breakfast, then lunch (why can't school lunches always taste good, I hate making lunch), then the gathering of everything needed for the day, then teeth scrubbing, then grab my coffee-to-go, then the rushing to the car, then off to 2 different school (next year it will be 3 every day...oh the joy!), then goodbye hugs, the love ya's, then it's suddenly quiet.
I am done by 8am (usually).  It's a crazy 3 hours.  I have until 3pm to start collecting everyone. 

I take a deep breath and then...hmmmmmmmm...what now?!

What to do with those 7 hours?     

What ends up happening it that I get nothing done as I have too much time.  I have to/need to find something for myself, something I want to do, something I love doing and make a little money doing it.  I just don't yet know what that is.  I am not complaining..I love being a mom and wife.  They just don't need me like they once did.  So now it's time to put some focus on me and I'm not very good at that...I need to learn...quickly or I might go wacko!

So to get my blood flowing each day, I have started walking every morning (again).  I take my camera with me most days because the houses here in WG are amazing.

I should post them today but I am feeling lazy.  I would have to get up, find my camera, find the cord for downloading, download the pics to my comp, put them in the right folder, then upload them onto here, and then write about them.  I know, it sounds whiney, it is whiney, my kiddos taught me well.

OK, alright...enough are a few lovely houses I saw yesterday as we walked home from school.  Do you think these people mind if I take these pics of their houses?  I hope not! 

The colors are awful but I love the drive through portico leading to the garage

Lovely!  A big front porch like this would be just lovely!
This house was for sale for the longest time and it's just sold and the people have moved in.  It's so huge!  It needs a little TLC...can't wait to see what they do with it!

Love this one too!  Most of these homes have a plaque by their front door (you can barely see it here) labeling them as Century Homes.  This one said 1856!  I love trying to imagine how the people lived, what they wore, how the kids played, etc, when this house was new!

Walking home! 

Ahhhh...itt feels good to have that done and there will be more to come!  I found an even better street with some pretty amazing old houses on my walk this I only need a better camera.

Come visit again!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Pretty!

Beautiful, right?! 

I love the purple with the bright green and the old foliage still lying around...makes me smile!
Enjoy your Monday and have a great week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

What to do now?

A couple months ago, the controller of my husband's company (also my friend) hired me to help out in the office, very part-time and temporarily.  They decided to make it permanent and offered me 30 hours/week (I guess I am just that good!!!).  The problem...I can't do 30 hours a week.  I was doing about 20 hours and they were all when the kiddos were in school.  It took no time away from being with my all.  I was pretty excited to do it but it has now ended and I am a bit sad. 

When I was a kid, people would ask (as they ask all kids) "what do you want to be when you grow up?".  Besides being a ridiculous question it's very hard to answer when you're a kid.  My answer though was always "I want to be my Mom".  It was simple.  I knew that would be my job.  I have wonderful memories of hanging out with my mom during summer when we were out of school, I always counted on her being there for me when I didn't feel good and wanted to come home from school, I loved watching her sew or having her teach me a new craft.  That seemed like the job for me.

Well I have been lucky enough to do just that.  The last job I had was in 1998.  I gave my notice when I was 4 months pregnant and have never looked back...until now.  My 3 kiddos are now 13, 10, and 8 and besides the 7th grade math homework (which I am just as bad at as when I was in school), I have enjoyed being there for them since the day they each graced my life.  The problem is they are gone 6 hours of each week day!  I got a good taste of being out their working once again and I liked it.  It felt good hanging with adults for a few hours, 3 days/week and getting paid for it.  It felt very rewarding (most of the time!).

So there in lies my conflict...I want to be a good/great mom and wife but I also need to fulfill my needs as a woman.  So what to do now?

Hmmm...this is going to take some major thinkin...

Well the world will keep spinning, I will ponder my life whilst anticipating more of these sweet Daffies popping up, here and there and everywhere (my tribute to Dr. Seuss...Happy Birthday)! 

this pic makes me's almost like the 2 leaning over are saying "oh, you say we are too early? how embarrassing!" and the newbie standing tall is saying, "What?  What's wrong guys?  Where is everybody!"        Hahaha!  Just my silly humor!