Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun was had by all!!

Exploring St. Louis has been really fun!  I am loving all the little, quaint neighborhoods and old areas of the city.  There are so many ethnic neighborhoods and can't wait to explore them all...I am excited about the food in each one too!  The big city seems to be filled with all these small "cities" and the people who live in these smaller areas are very proud of them and all feel they are "the" place to live.  I am loving our area as well but have really enjoyed seeing all these great parts of the whole.

This weekend however, we headed out to the country.  It was a state park called Johnson's Shut-ins (a shut-in being a part of a river where it seems to shut down by rock or other obstruction).  This Shut-in was caused by erosion and massive boulders.  Totally cool, totally dangerous...kiddos loved it!   

I loved this part of the river...just a nice lazy river!

Not too bad...right?

This is where it starts getting a little more dangerous...dangerous in the since that these are huge, slippery boulders.  The water was so slow moving really and it was very shallow but the rocks were SO slippery. 

I know, believe me when I say the picture makes it seem much worse.  HOLD ON!!!   

This is when I got a bit more nervous...

It's a bit hard to tell but these 2 pics show K and Z each jumping off of a boulder around 5 feet into a deep section between the rocks.  Yikes!  They LOVED every minute of it! 
We had a great time!  It was a warm MO day and another one of those places we can say we did (and don't have to do again)!

Happy Birthday C!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The new/old digs!!!

We are here!
We are somewhat settled (kids are in school and I have a roof over my head!)
We are all loving our new home, our community and the people we have met
I have lots to update you on but I know you want to see our new old house!
Here it is!
Our side!

It is much bigger than it looks...way bigger than our house in CO with wood floors everywhere, a basement, an attic and 2 main floors!  We are loving it!

The view from the street!  Our neighbor is a nice guy, and the house on the left (just see a corner of it) is another duplex with 2 great families! 

What do ya think?  I think it will be great once I get a chance to decorate and add my touch!

I am also loving the St. Louis area!  It's a well established community with so many quaint towns that surround the main city.  We did some garage sales last weekend and what a great way to explore the area plus everyone is so welcoming!  I can't wait to show you all more...just you wait!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's been a while...again!

Just a quick note to let you know I have not disappeared and will soon be back to my normal life once again. 

We are getting settled in St. L. and really loving our new community. 

So far we have done...
St. L Arch...check
Forest Park...check check
St. L. Zoo...check check check

We love our new house but don't yet have cable or internet so I am REALLY loving my city library.  Soon I will and will be inundated you with lots of new photos of everything.

Love to all and Happy First days of School to all my Mom friends!