Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally...lazy Summer begins...ahhh

 After the craziness of the last month of school, we can now start relaxing.  I don't remember it ever being as busy as it was this year...I don't know if that comes with age (my kid's or mine!) or if in Webster Groves, they just do it UP! 

Here is a few of our goings-on...

ice skating lessons
Katia practicing her backwards crossovers...she is really getting so good!

zoo field trip
cardinals stadium tour field trip

fishing field trip
5th grade camp wyman
track day
wow event
pizza party
StL opera field trip
field day

pool party
blackburn park party
gram and gramps visit
5th grade graduation!!!

new camera!
sleepover bday party
cards bball game

orchestra concert
girl scout party
mother's day

SO ready to relax!!!

This is what we will be doing for a couple months!!!

Tropical Moose snow cones!

nerf gun wars


summer is serious business!!

 Yea Summer!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

*all the teachers my kiddos have gotten the pleasure of hanging out with all year
*our new, awesome, public schools this year
*the principal who welcomed us last August...the day before school started
*the school library that lets me come in weekly and volunteer

Teaching is a over-time job that does not get enough credit.  I am so thankful for the men and women who give their time and energy to making sure my kiddo is happy and enriched throughout the day.  A lot of people could not do for even one day what these people do every single the very least they deserve a big thank you!

We are doing that this morning.  The kiddos in Lili's class are each bringing a single flower for their teacher...they are going to put them all together and give her one big bouquet.  Such a sweet simply thoughtful.  Zander is giving his teacher a nicely written note thanking him for all his time this year.  He has really enjoyed 5th grade and it's has a lot to do with Mr. B.  Katia...well she is going to give each of her teachers a blackboard paint pot with a geranium (I will show you the craft at another time!).

Thank you!
It's the least we can do! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love this craft!

It's so simple and sooooo those two words when it comes to crafts.  I guess I also like cute too.
I saw a pin on Pinterest and knew this would be a really easy way to add some more of the color I chose into my kitchen.

Here's what you need.
Decoupage glue, cheap brush, food coloring, a bowl to mix the glue and a jar from your recycling

Stir up your color...add a few drops of coloring so you don't overdue it.  You can always add more!

Happy painting!

Buying a lot of stuff is not ever an option...I love trying to figure out a way to do something without spending too many of our hard-earned dimes plus I love to be creative anyways.

So now to continue...

So here is the bottle right after I finished putting on the's all creamy white and unattractive looking but see how it dries?!  Clear!  Awesome right?!

Here are a couple syrup bottles my girlies did...these will make perfect containers for a small bundle of flowers this summer!

Now don't get me wrong...I love to find a great addition...see the little fiesta pitcher in the above pic?  Couldn't resist that one.  I also have my Mom and Dad on the constant lookout for old turquoise Fiestaware for me though and the dang Target store gets me every friday...I couldn't resist the turquoise bowl set they are selling right does Target always know what I want?!

I just love Mod Podge!

This would make a fun, cheap and easy kid craft this summer...we will be doing this one lots! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SLAM!!!  I got 2 done and I love 'em both so much.  Z's curtains went on hold as I need to find the right base curtain first and then will add this extremely cool fabric that I found at a garage sale. 

*NOTE-please excuse my camera...getting a new one soon

Project #1: FR/LR curtains
I added the tan canvas fabric to my curtains from our old house.  These windows were a bit taller but I still loved my old curtains so this was my solution. 

Ignore my junk in the corner...I do!

This set in the DR is about to get the same treatment...see how short the long one on the left is?  They have an intense case of high-waters.  The one on the right is over the radiator and will stay the length it is...perfect!
Project #2: Kitchen curtains!!! 
The whole time working on this I kept thinking..."this fabric is so perfect!"

Love!  Every time I walk in to my kitchen it makes me smile!  I think that's what I was going for!