Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love this craft!

It's so simple and sooooo those two words when it comes to crafts.  I guess I also like cute too.
I saw a pin on Pinterest and knew this would be a really easy way to add some more of the color I chose into my kitchen.

Here's what you need.
Decoupage glue, cheap brush, food coloring, a bowl to mix the glue and a jar from your recycling

Stir up your color...add a few drops of coloring so you don't overdue it.  You can always add more!

Happy painting!

Buying a lot of stuff is not ever an option...I love trying to figure out a way to do something without spending too many of our hard-earned dimes plus I love to be creative anyways.

So now to continue...

So here is the bottle right after I finished putting on the's all creamy white and unattractive looking but see how it dries?!  Clear!  Awesome right?!

Here are a couple syrup bottles my girlies did...these will make perfect containers for a small bundle of flowers this summer!

Now don't get me wrong...I love to find a great addition...see the little fiesta pitcher in the above pic?  Couldn't resist that one.  I also have my Mom and Dad on the constant lookout for old turquoise Fiestaware for me though and the dang Target store gets me every friday...I couldn't resist the turquoise bowl set they are selling right does Target always know what I want?!

I just love Mod Podge!

This would make a fun, cheap and easy kid craft this summer...we will be doing this one lots! 


Alicia Stucky said...

Ha! That's funny, I literally just did this the other day. Love it!

Mom said...

What fun & nice results and I love the little Fiesta pitcher - too cute.

elisa said...

Oh I love this- think I may have pinned it too. I need to try it. Possibilities are endless!!