Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally...lazy Summer begins...ahhh

 After the craziness of the last month of school, we can now start relaxing.  I don't remember it ever being as busy as it was this year...I don't know if that comes with age (my kid's or mine!) or if in Webster Groves, they just do it UP! 

Here is a few of our goings-on...

ice skating lessons
Katia practicing her backwards crossovers...she is really getting so good!

zoo field trip
cardinals stadium tour field trip

fishing field trip
5th grade camp wyman
track day
wow event
pizza party
StL opera field trip
field day

pool party
blackburn park party
gram and gramps visit
5th grade graduation!!!

new camera!
sleepover bday party
cards bball game

orchestra concert
girl scout party
mother's day

SO ready to relax!!!

This is what we will be doing for a couple months!!!

Tropical Moose snow cones!

nerf gun wars


summer is serious business!!

 Yea Summer!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! You guys are having a blast already! Smiles + Hugs Donna