Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Proud!

So I must brag a little about my Sister-in Law! 
The story starts like this...
I taught myself to crochet about 2 years ago and I became hooked (no pun intended!).  I tried to teach my own girls how to crochet but it hasn't quite sunk in yet and that's ok...I am 41 and it just sunk in for me.  This past Christmas my Sister-in Law said she really wanted to learn so I gave her the book that worked for me, a hook and some encouragement...never did I think I was creating the next crochet phenom.  She tried it, got frustrated, tried it again, got a little less frustrated, tried again and she got it!  I am so proud!!!

Here is her lastest project...Look at this...AMAZING!  Remember she has just been doing this for 6 months!
How great is that?!!!

I love the different sides...perfection!
I have known this amazing woman since she was 7 yrs old and we have always been close.  When C and I started dating she became my own little sis, the one I always wanted.  She is really so special to me and my family and I was thrilled she asked me to help her learn something that I love to do myself.  I am also so proud that she didn't give up and now has a lifelong hobby that fills her with lots of joy. 

Awesome Sis!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mom, we LOVE summer but hate being bored...

I remember those days...i tell my kiddos they are lucky to have each other..."when I was a kid... (blah, blah, blah)"

So we have been doing a lot packin' up and hangin' out.  We have also been doing some math, journaling, and reading...which also brings about some complaining too.  The majority of the time they appreciate having me give them some work that they must complete and then move on with their day.  Today, not so much agreement to the idea.  I just keep telling them I can't have their brains turn to mush...that would really be gross and to that I get "the eye treatment" as my Dad so lovingly calls it.  You know, the rolling of the eyes that our generation started when we were teens and now have to endure.  The problem is I was the one who taught it to them as I still do it and I must say I am a great teacher.  The do it so well, especially my preteen.  Oh the joys.....
We have also been TRYIN' to get to the beach.  The weather has not been very cooperative.  I guess a lot of people have been dealing with the same thing and not just here.  The thunderstorms are horrendous lately.  So I guess we will just keep on packin', hangin' and homework and when we finally get to the beach it will be an even better treat!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grateful for...

1. Hubby-he has a new job and is having to work mega hours
2. Kiddos-helping me pack the house, putting up w/ my moodiness and still smiling
3. my Family- for always showing me their unending love and support
4. my minivan-for getting my hubby back and forth safely
5. boxes and packing tape- it's the little things that help you make big changes
6. my current book-always a nice escape
7. morning coffee ('s and afternoon too)-what would I do without you?
8. OWN-Thank you Oprah for always providing quality TV anytime of the day
9. nightly prayer-a time to give thanks
10. sleep-you don't always appreciate something until it evades you

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our weekend!

The weekend is here...yea...what are you doing?

Tonight we have free tickets for a minor league baseball team, the Marauders.  It's the minor league team for the Pittsburgh Pirates and is right here in our town.  Very Fun!  K has a sleepover with a friend so I am minus 1 kiddos...I don't really like that.  I like my kiddos with me but I know know she will have a great time.  I hate that I can't hold on forever.

Tomorrow will be a hang out day...swim in the pool, maybe bbq, watch Nascar (go Carl Edwards!)

Sunday we are headed to MOSI, museum of science and industry, in Tampa.  My MIL gave us a family membership for Christmas.  The kiddos are so psyched...I am too actually.  I have heard awesome things about it.

What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever it is...HAVE FUN!!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Books, Books, Books!!!

I love Books!  Do you love books?  I always have a book I am reading.  I carry a book with me wherever I never know when I might be sitting somewhere waiting for someone or something and have a few minutes to catch a few more pages.  Some might say that I am escaping reality a bit and they might be right...who cares?!   
A couple years ago, I started to write down all the books I read.  If you are anything like me, I forget what I have read and what a book was about (I call it "mommy memory").  Once I start a new one I forget a lot of the details of the last one only because I get so in the next.  Because of my "mommy memory" I started keeping a little journal where I write down the books I have completed, the author and a brief summary of the plot.  This helps...a lot.  I also started using a great website called highly recommend it...helps keep track of book you have read, books you want to read and books you are currently reading, and recommends great new books to read.  You can also link up through facebook, find your friends and send out your own recommendations, do your own review of a book, and set reading goals.  I am happy to say through I set a reading goal of 15 books for 2011...I just completed my goal!  This seems quite exciting to me as I have 3 kiddos and love to watch tv...this can cause issues with getting books completed but I did it!  Yea me!
Here is my most recent favorite...I just finished this book today...A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff. You can check out my other recent books (some good, some bad) with the little widget on the right side of my blog...just scroll down a bit and you will see it...maybe they will be one of your favorites.  You can read about it here and then maybe sign up for your own Goodreads account.  It's so worth it! 

I also must say that I LOVE the library.  This has been an acquired love...I used to love Barnes&Noble but when things got a bit tough financially for our family I couldn't afford to buy books like I used to.  I knew I still needed/wanted to read so I had to use the library.  Thank goodness for the establishment of libraries!  I still go to B&N but for a whole different reason (to their dismay)...I go there when I need to run away (all you moms understand this), get my Starbucks Venti Skinny Caramel Machiatto, grab my notebook out of my bag and browse.  When I find a book I want to read I write it down along with the authors name.  I run home, check the library's online catalog and find out whether they have the book and grab it up if they do!  It's like finding a treasure!  The other great thing about the library...books are due by a specific must get them done an turn them back in.  If you have too have kiddos and like to watch tv, this due date can be very motivational. 

So the kiddos and I are headed to the library in just a bit with my Mom In Law (cookies, milk and tea to follow at Baba's!).  This makes for a good day...I have 3 kiddos who love to read nearly as much as I and love to get new books.  Off we go...!