Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Proud!

So I must brag a little about my Sister-in Law! 
The story starts like this...
I taught myself to crochet about 2 years ago and I became hooked (no pun intended!).  I tried to teach my own girls how to crochet but it hasn't quite sunk in yet and that's ok...I am 41 and it just sunk in for me.  This past Christmas my Sister-in Law said she really wanted to learn so I gave her the book that worked for me, a hook and some encouragement...never did I think I was creating the next crochet phenom.  She tried it, got frustrated, tried it again, got a little less frustrated, tried again and she got it!  I am so proud!!!

Here is her lastest project...Look at this...AMAZING!  Remember she has just been doing this for 6 months!
How great is that?!!!

I love the different sides...perfection!
I have known this amazing woman since she was 7 yrs old and we have always been close.  When C and I started dating she became my own little sis, the one I always wanted.  She is really so special to me and my family and I was thrilled she asked me to help her learn something that I love to do myself.  I am also so proud that she didn't give up and now has a lifelong hobby that fills her with lots of joy. 

Awesome Sis!


Liz said...

and I place full blame on u for my new addiction! I can't thank you enough for being such an incredibly supportive teacher, friend and sister- I love you!

Mom said...

Beautiful job. It's so neat how the love of crochet or knitting is passed on. My Mother taught me to crochet & my Grandmother taught me to knit. I still love to do both - I find it so relaxing!!! I'm proud of you both & I send hugs.

1 Funky Woman said...

Wow, I'm impressed! My sister taught herself and says its her therapy since she has a 2 year old and one on the way!

I think I like my therapy a little stronger, lol!