Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

We are ready!!

The stockings are hung, the tree is lit, the Christmas music is playing in the background...it's lovely!

So the stocking on the far right is mine.  My mom made them for us when we were kids.  When I got married she made Carl on and has made our kiddos one when they were born!  Love them!

I have been warned, this will be the last year for a fake tree.  I love them because I am a mom and mom's don't like messes but my fam damily thinks otherwise.  Well I guess they can always help clean!
The kiddos!
Also...one of our favorite movies is on the tube!

Always makes me laugh!

Enjoy your family and friends this Holiday season! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Little Bags

This year for Lili's 9th birthday party, I decided made some cute little wristlets for the girls/guests to take home with them...a special little goodie bag!  They turned out so great and were so fun to make! 
I hand embroidered each girls initials one day while kiddos were in school.  That maybe took 2 hours to get all 9 of them done.  I then cut the outer fabric and the lining to size and ironed on the interfacing so they were a bit more sturdy.  Once I had them all cut out and ready, I spent the Saturday before the party just sewing.  Each bag took about 20 minutes to sew together...not bad and I think they were a big hit!!

They are just the perfect size for each girly to carry some money, gift card, and their library card (oh so important!).

I was so bummed I forgot to take a picture of all of them in the basket before we handed them out to the girls but it got a little crazy...you know how 9 yr. old's are!

You want one too?  The perfect stocking stuffer!!  Email me!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Thanksgiving!

We spent our Thanksgiving in FL with the Gregov side of the family!

I am back to visiting one of my favorite places (my mother-in law Carolyn and Anna Maria Island)
It could have been a bit warmer but was just what the doctor ordered...a vacation!!!

My crew!

That's us!

We all had such a great time. We always do!

We also took our great friends with us...Debbie and Kenzie!

It was so fun to share one of our favorite places with friends!

The water was a bit chilly if you were above the age of 13...otherwise perfect swimming conditions!!

My loves!

Gotta love that white sand!

So much fun!!!  Thanks Carolyn for having us!!

Now it time to get ready for the holidays...I have been busy already!!!

Simple but nice!

 "It's the North Pole!,  "No it's not!",  "Yes it is!",  "Then where's the snow?"!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Bday Lili!!!

My youngest is now 9!!!!!  Oh my goodness...it's hard to believe it's possible.  She is such a joy.  She is such a sweet daughter.  She is such a wonderful friend.  Her family is very proud of her!


Just Dance...very fun!

Such a nice bunch!

Thanks to all Lili's generous friends...she loves everything!

Smile...it increases your face value my dear!!!  Love the hat!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome mornin'!

Right outside my window this mornin'!

Don't mind me...pretend I'm not even here!

The girlies noticed him as we were gettin' ready for school...too bad Zander was already at school!

So what's been going on you ask?  Not much, I say!

Kid stuff-sleepovers, halloween parties, haunted houses (my oldest is traumatized for life I think!)
Mom stuff-early Christmas shopping, (still) makin' dinner, watching baseball and Kansas State football, reading, and then all the other stuff we moms do (not worth mentioning)

Good news though...I think I got the sewing bug again.  I want to make some grocery shopping bags that are cute.  Doesn't it make shopping more fun when you have cute bags?  Well a cute bag actually makes everything better!!! 
So I found this great fabric today...bought some in dark red but want this color too.  LOVE it!  Can't you just picture this grey with bright yellow liner fabric or straps (or both)?  I can! 
So excited to make it into something amazing!

The weather has been so nice and we have had lots of chances to hang out with the neighbors in the back yard.  The kiddos all get along so great! 

And the most adorable neighbor dog...Sophie! 

Life is Good!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The dreaded words...

"What's for dinner Mom?"

Oh how I dislike those words lately.  I used to be able to come up with a weekly list of everything we were going to eat that week.  I used to come up with these completed shopping lists that got me to the end of the week.  What's wrong with me? 

As I write this, I have no idea what's for dinner.  I am so sick of chicken, gr. beef and pork.  If it were just me, I could survive on cereal, coffee, toast, salami, crackers, cheese, and red wine...that simple.  But no, I have 4 people relying on my cooking skills (good and bad) for sustenance.  UGH!  It's so tiring, overwhelming!

Source: yelp.com via Abby on Pinterest

*OK...Break time!  I made myself hungry...be right back...the salami, cheese and crackers sound too good.  I guess I'll skip the wine for a bit.  It is only 1:30 in the afternoon.  

Does anybody else have these issues?  

This is what's in the fridge...the aforementioned chicken and ground beef 

Hmmmm...what to do with these lam-mo ingredients.  Something where everyone doesn't say "again?" 

Oh man!  The "lovebugs" are home within the hour.  I can do this...I can do dinner one more time! 
Remember, bedtime is just in a few hours!  (Red wine is in only 3!) 
I CAN do this!
The other dreaded words..."mooooooommm, K is giving me the mad face!" 

Off to motherhood!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Giddy-Up Cowgirl!!

Lili's girl scout troop had organized some riding lessons for the each of the girls and our group headed out Sunday morning for a nice little ride in the country.
It was such a gorgeous day here in St. L...the leaves are all changing and the weather perfect for some cowgirling! 
This was right before she was to get on...maybe just a little nervous.  
Pleased to meet you Jack! 
What a pretty boy!
And they're off!   I so wanted to go with them.
"That was cool Mom!"
"They said after we rode we would want to take lessons mom...they were right!"

Fun was had by all and lessons just might be in the future though she didn't mention it again the rest of the day.  I think I won't mention it either!

Ohhh and I also listened (ugh, not having cable bites sometimes) to KState football become #4 in the country!!!  So excited that I will actually get to see the game this weekend though...!  Go Cats!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Read any good books lately?

I love to read.
I always have a book going and I take that book with me everywhere.  You just never know when you might have a few minutes and need it!
I am a little OCD about the books I read too.  I record all the books I have read in 2 places.  A notebook in my nightstand and on Goodreads.com 
I love Goodreads...I highly suggest you try it out.  You can find recommendations, reviews, ratings on just about any book you might want to read, keep track of books you have read and ones that you want to read and write your own reviews for your favs and not favs.  Love it.  Anyways...
Here are a few that I have read and enjoyed.

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff
 A Vintage Affair: A Novel
Big Stone Gap (entire series) by Adriana Trigiani
Big Stone Gap (Big Stone Gap, Book 1)
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (the book was soooo much better than the movie)
 Sarah's Key
Fairytale Interrupted by Rosemarie Terenzio
 Fairytale Interrupted: What JFK Jr. Taught Me About Life, Love, and Loss
Night Road by Kristin Hannah
Night Road

As I said, I really love to read but there have been a few books recently that I didn't like and I can get pretty irritated when this happens.
I usually have 1 of 3 ways when I finish a book:
1. Good book, fine now lets move on...no big impact at all
2. NOOOO don't end!  I want it to continue and end up doing so in my head or writing it down
3. Are kidding me???  You're going to end it like that?

One that I read recently that fell into category #3...
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
 Gone Girl
A lot of people are really loving this book right now and I must say I did not.  I did enjoy most of it but the ending just ruined it for me...just not how I saw it happening.  I read that last page, realized that was it, closed the book and was so irritated.  I couldn't let it go.  I just kept thinking about how I had just spent hours reading this book, enjoying most of it and now am so irritated.  Not OK!  That defeats the purpose. 

I decided I needed to figure out why I was so irritated because the whole point in reading for me is enjoyment, pleasure and a sense of escape.  I think I figured it out...it was all because there was no "happy ending".  I was a little disappointed with myself.  That seems so superficial, so shallow.  Now lets me clear...there have been a few that I really enjoyed that didn't end up happy but I think I went into it knowing that...historical fiction or non-fiction books about a time in history and I know how it ends up.  But it seems the difference is that those books still focus on the positive even in a very bad situation.

Well...I will keep reading and enjoying.  I will no doubt read some duds but its so fun knowing that the next one might make such an impression on me that I want to write more so it can continue is exciting!

What have you read recently that you loved?
Leave me a comment...maybe it will end in my "to-read" category on Goodreads!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gooooooo Wildcats!!!

For some reason I am feeling purple...

Hmmm...wonder why??!

Good Luck to my Wildcats in the big game (the inevitable beat down) against "those who shall not be named"!!!!!!!!

Source: bhg.com via Alicia on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Mandy on Pinterest

Love my Kansas State Wildcats!!!!  
Beat KU!