Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Thanksgiving!

We spent our Thanksgiving in FL with the Gregov side of the family!

I am back to visiting one of my favorite places (my mother-in law Carolyn and Anna Maria Island)
It could have been a bit warmer but was just what the doctor ordered...a vacation!!!

My crew!

That's us!

We all had such a great time. We always do!

We also took our great friends with us...Debbie and Kenzie!

It was so fun to share one of our favorite places with friends!

The water was a bit chilly if you were above the age of 13...otherwise perfect swimming conditions!!

My loves!

Gotta love that white sand!

So much fun!!!  Thanks Carolyn for having us!!

Now it time to get ready for the holidays...I have been busy already!!!

Simple but nice!

 "It's the North Pole!,  "No it's not!",  "Yes it is!",  "Then where's the snow?"!!!!

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