Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Dad, watch this..."

Big waves are so cool! 
The other day we were in this exact same spot and there were no waves at all.   Very calm. 
This was so much more fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone fishin'

We decided to take the afternoon and go fishing.  We thought the perfect spot would be old HWY 41 which used to cross Tampa Bay.  The state has since built the new HWY 41 (Sunshine Skyway) but kept part of the old and turned it into a very long fishing pier. 

We found the perfect spot and parked it for a couple hours.  It was a really nice evening...I just hung out, took pics, and read my book.  Only every once in a while I hollered at the kids to keep their feet down.  Yicks...a bit nerve'll see in one of the pics below.

The Bait
The Prep...such a great Dad!
The Gang!
The Catch!  They weren't keepers but they were still fun to catch.  They had sharp fins though so tough little buggers.
The Pelicans...they were everywhere and very fun to watch!  In the background, you can see the new highway.
The Sunshine Skyway's very big.  This is the reason for the new highway.  As Tampa got bigger and the port got busier, the bridge needed to be tall enough to let the big cargo ships in. 
The pretty!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Craft Project!

I couldn't take it anymore.  I needed to do some crafting.  I have been doing lots of swimming, beaching, hanging out, reading, suduko, hanging out some more.  The creative juices were overflowing and the seashells were abundant.  We HAD to do something.
So we came up with an art project to hang somewhere at home that will remind us of our summer in FL.

We needed canvas, paint, hot glue (a new hot glue gun!!), pebbles, glitter and beads.  Everything was on sale...major plus!
Working together...ahhhhh! 

The finished projects...Perfect!

Monday, July 19, 2010

FL creatures!

We have seen lots of creatures while we have been in Florida.  Some are not so cool (giant cockroaches...ewwww!) but most of them are pretty amazing. 

In Myaaka State Park...

Yes, I know we see deer in CO but this is our first FL deer guys and was right at the entrance to the park..welcome!
These spiders were everywhere...really.  You can't tell how big but this guy was big.  Probably 4 inches from tips of legs. 
Friendly, evasive, and cute! 
This guys was my favorite.  He was so big and so patient with us.  He just hung out and let us watch him for the longest time.  I took lots of pics.
When the kiddos felt I had enough pics they really wanted to see him I let them run towards him.  He knew what was coming and off he went. 
He didn't like it...he squaked real loud as he went away but it was amazing to see this big bird just easily.  Loved it!  He didn't go too far though.
Just far enough!  So beautiful.

Another big guy! 

We didn't get to see these but I bet they are pretty amazing when they finally do make their grand entrance. 
More later!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Bags!!!

I haven't talked about my bags for awhile.  I got a bit burned out near the end of the school year.  I did get my mojo back but it was right before we were off to FL.

Carl did make a trip back home to get our beloved cat and some stuff to stay here awhile but there was no way I could have him pack up my sewing machine, my entire stash (along with the scraps that provide endless projects), my threads,  my fusible interfacing, etc, etc, etc.  Remember, I have to take back what I bring down...our van is only so big and I think the kiddos might complain a bit having to carrying bolts of fabric on their laps.   

But...I miss my machine.  I miss my stash.  I really miss making great bags. 

I did bring a few with me.  I have realized that I use my bags a lot.  I love that!

So here is what I have with me...

My purse...very beachy fabric and I didn't even know that I would be down here all summer. 

My Lipstick bag with misc. other "mommy" things.  This one goes back and forth between all the other bags.

The project bag...always bring a project.  My momma taught me well!!

The very important Beach bag!!!

and the other important bag...The kids' wii bag!

I couldn't make it without them and it makes me happy to know that I am using something I made.

I am inspired!!!!
I have gotten some ideas for all things "beachy".  It has to do with the million (almost literally) Dollar stores and beach towels...a dollar for a towel, sometimes 2.

I may have to find a new machine.  Maybe someone will rent me a machine for the next 3 1/2 weeks...hmmmm!

I also got sea shells on the brain...I see some shell projects coming too!  No sewing required there...just a glue gun though...the kiddos wouldn't mind carrying that!

More FLorida fun pics to come

Life's is the beach!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Part II

When in Florida you must do a few things...beach, beach, beach, and see alligators!  We have done the beach a few times already and we love it more and more each time.  But now it was time to find the alligators.
Ignoring all warnings (it's really very safe) we headed off on a hike along the river.

As we walked we noticed this dark spot across the river from us.  None of us could tell what it was so I decided to zoom in and take a pic.  Later, when I got home, I would look at the pic on my computer and see.
BINGO!  Our first spotting!
Later on we found another...
 And another...
and another!  The guide said that we wouldn't probably see many alligators on shore sunning because it was just too hot...
there always has to be one smarty pants!

Tomorrow Part III-the other creatures!!