Monday, July 19, 2010

FL creatures!

We have seen lots of creatures while we have been in Florida.  Some are not so cool (giant cockroaches...ewwww!) but most of them are pretty amazing. 

In Myaaka State Park...

Yes, I know we see deer in CO but this is our first FL deer guys and was right at the entrance to the park..welcome!
These spiders were everywhere...really.  You can't tell how big but this guy was big.  Probably 4 inches from tips of legs. 
Friendly, evasive, and cute! 
This guys was my favorite.  He was so big and so patient with us.  He just hung out and let us watch him for the longest time.  I took lots of pics.
When the kiddos felt I had enough pics they really wanted to see him I let them run towards him.  He knew what was coming and off he went. 
He didn't like it...he squaked real loud as he went away but it was amazing to see this big bird just easily.  Loved it!  He didn't go too far though.
Just far enough!  So beautiful.

Another big guy! 

We didn't get to see these but I bet they are pretty amazing when they finally do make their grand entrance. 
More later!

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Gma & Gpa said...

We're really enjoying all the pictures, stories, & activities you're sharing about Florida. Glad you're having such a great time.

Also, really liked your blog on your bags. Great inspiration for me & others.

Hugs to all, Gma