Saturday, July 3, 2010

St. Armand's Circle, FL

This was fun!  We took today off and enjoyed driving the islands along the W. coast of FL.  It was a little cloudy which kept the heat down and we had a nice day.  Carl and I do this drive nearly every time we come down and visit and it's usually without the kids...on a night out.  This time the kiddos went with us...good fun!

First we stopped at St. Armand's Circle and had Ben and Jerry's (you have to do some pleasing of kiddos  after a drive).  I love this place!  I used to have to make Carl go here with me, this time we all enjoyed.

The boat in the background is a promo for the annual boat races that go on down here the weekend of the 4th!  Very nice treat for the boys in the group!

These sidewalk restaurants are so popular and so Florida.

Window shopping!!
I love the store fronts...I didn't go into many of them but there were a couple that were irresistable.  This was one of them...I think I will have to embroider this sign and incorporate it into something...LOVE this. 
This chandelier was just to-die for!! 
I am not too beachy in my regular life but I just love this stuff when I get down here.  Maybe I should do one room in my house like this...a bath or laundry...hmmm!  (sorry for the bad pic)
Love this too...the red, the wicker and the seashells go so well together.  Love that too.

Then we headed to the marina to see all the big, beautiful boats...
and the pelicans!  Love the pelicans!
Now this is a nice place for a glass of pinot...we didn't but it would be nice!

After this we hit the beach for some late afternoon swimming and shell hunting!

A great afternoon was had by all!

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Grandma said...

Looks so lovely - puts me in mind of southern California! I have a bunch of beachy stuff - shells, etc. that you can use to do that beach decorating that I'll not be using much of in the new mountain home. I have to have at least a touch or two just to help me keep in mind my roots. Hugs to all - Mom