Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone fishin'

We decided to take the afternoon and go fishing.  We thought the perfect spot would be old HWY 41 which used to cross Tampa Bay.  The state has since built the new HWY 41 (Sunshine Skyway) but kept part of the old and turned it into a very long fishing pier. 

We found the perfect spot and parked it for a couple hours.  It was a really nice evening...I just hung out, took pics, and read my book.  Only every once in a while I hollered at the kids to keep their feet down.  Yicks...a bit nerve'll see in one of the pics below.

The Bait
The Prep...such a great Dad!
The Gang!
The Catch!  They weren't keepers but they were still fun to catch.  They had sharp fins though so tough little buggers.
The Pelicans...they were everywhere and very fun to watch!  In the background, you can see the new highway.
The Sunshine Skyway's very big.  This is the reason for the new highway.  As Tampa got bigger and the port got busier, the bridge needed to be tall enough to let the big cargo ships in. 
The pretty!


Grandma said...

Great pictures & what a fun time.

Grandpa said...

Catch a big one & bring some home smoked liked Donna did from Alaska. That way we can taste a little Gulf fish too.

Alicia said...

We shall try! Love you!