Friday, July 9, 2010

Myaaka State Park, FL

Part I!
The canopy bridge!
This was took you over 70 feet high.  You could see the entire park and get a real perspective of the terrain.  The kiddos loved did I!

A cool perspective.  The bridge is probably 30 feet off the ground and I am 40 feet above that. 

 The view of the tree canopy at the top of the tower.  It's hard to tell how dense this is.

...and the view from the below!
The kiddos and I.
There's a story here.  A lot of palm trees fall but don't die.  They end up growing sideways and heading for the sun once again.  This tree was one of them.  We took a couple pics before this one above...I was standing in them.  Then all of a sudden...CRACK...tree fell all the way to the ground.  I was in the exact same spot and you can see I am no longer standing.  Thank goodness no one's feet were caught underneath. 

Part II tomorrow...hint...they are reptiles and they are ugly!

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