Sunday, July 11, 2010

Part II

When in Florida you must do a few things...beach, beach, beach, and see alligators!  We have done the beach a few times already and we love it more and more each time.  But now it was time to find the alligators.
Ignoring all warnings (it's really very safe) we headed off on a hike along the river.

As we walked we noticed this dark spot across the river from us.  None of us could tell what it was so I decided to zoom in and take a pic.  Later, when I got home, I would look at the pic on my computer and see.
BINGO!  Our first spotting!
Later on we found another...
 And another...
and another!  The guide said that we wouldn't probably see many alligators on shore sunning because it was just too hot...
there always has to be one smarty pants!

Tomorrow Part III-the other creatures!!

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