Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome mornin'!

Right outside my window this mornin'!

Don't mind me...pretend I'm not even here!

The girlies noticed him as we were gettin' ready for school...too bad Zander was already at school!

So what's been going on you ask?  Not much, I say!

Kid stuff-sleepovers, halloween parties, haunted houses (my oldest is traumatized for life I think!)
Mom stuff-early Christmas shopping, (still) makin' dinner, watching baseball and Kansas State football, reading, and then all the other stuff we moms do (not worth mentioning)

Good news though...I think I got the sewing bug again.  I want to make some grocery shopping bags that are cute.  Doesn't it make shopping more fun when you have cute bags?  Well a cute bag actually makes everything better!!! 
So I found this great fabric today...bought some in dark red but want this color too.  LOVE it!  Can't you just picture this grey with bright yellow liner fabric or straps (or both)?  I can! 
So excited to make it into something amazing!

The weather has been so nice and we have had lots of chances to hang out with the neighbors in the back yard.  The kiddos all get along so great! 

And the most adorable neighbor dog...Sophie! 

Life is Good!


Mom said...

Ah yes - life is good. The owl is amazing - hope he comes back so Zander can see him/her too. Maybe one of your trees has the perfect nesting place. Wouldn't that be cool. Hugs.

Shana said...

Yes - I will take one please. Gray with a yellow liner - smaller than a grocery bag but bigger than a purse. I need a new church bag - 12 years with the same one is lame (and filthy)!
Love you.

elisa said...

Oh my gosh that dog. Cute!

We have so many owls around here- cool until I read about one taking some guys dog. Yikes. Not sure one could get Zoey off the ground, she's kinda chub.