Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My boy!!

He is now 11...that just floors me. 
He is most always happy.
He makes me smile everyday. 

He loves big hugs.
He loves to wrestle.
He is such a sweet guy. 
He is an amazing brother to his sisters.
He is a good friend.

He has such nice friends (especially when they aren't trying to drown each other!).

I am a bit late on this (dang computer!!!) but Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet guy! 

I can't wait to watch the way you will change over the years.  I know for sure that you will grow up to be such a nice young man...you already are!  I am so thankful for that day 11 years ago that you came into this world and into my arms. 
I loved you from that first second and I always will! 
You have a big part of my heart! 
Love you Buddy!


1 comment:

Grandma said...

What a joy to see the pictures of our handsome, happy, & smart fellow. He has brought joy to all our lives from that first moment we met him. The pictures are great.