Monday, October 15, 2012

Giddy-Up Cowgirl!!

Lili's girl scout troop had organized some riding lessons for the each of the girls and our group headed out Sunday morning for a nice little ride in the country.
It was such a gorgeous day here in St. L...the leaves are all changing and the weather perfect for some cowgirling! 
This was right before she was to get on...maybe just a little nervous.  
Pleased to meet you Jack! 
What a pretty boy!
And they're off!   I so wanted to go with them.
"That was cool Mom!"
"They said after we rode we would want to take lessons mom...they were right!"

Fun was had by all and lessons just might be in the future though she didn't mention it again the rest of the day.  I think I won't mention it either!

Ohhh and I also listened (ugh, not having cable bites sometimes) to KState football become #4 in the country!!!  So excited that I will actually get to see the game this weekend though...!  Go Cats!

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Grandma said...

How fun. This brings back memories of me riding with my Dad on Saturday mornings along the Los Angeles River. Made me smile.