Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Read any good books lately?

I love to read.
I always have a book going and I take that book with me everywhere.  You just never know when you might have a few minutes and need it!
I am a little OCD about the books I read too.  I record all the books I have read in 2 places.  A notebook in my nightstand and on Goodreads.com 
I love Goodreads...I highly suggest you try it out.  You can find recommendations, reviews, ratings on just about any book you might want to read, keep track of books you have read and ones that you want to read and write your own reviews for your favs and not favs.  Love it.  Anyways...
Here are a few that I have read and enjoyed.

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff
 A Vintage Affair: A Novel
Big Stone Gap (entire series) by Adriana Trigiani
Big Stone Gap (Big Stone Gap, Book 1)
Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (the book was soooo much better than the movie)
 Sarah's Key
Fairytale Interrupted by Rosemarie Terenzio
 Fairytale Interrupted: What JFK Jr. Taught Me About Life, Love, and Loss
Night Road by Kristin Hannah
Night Road

As I said, I really love to read but there have been a few books recently that I didn't like and I can get pretty irritated when this happens.
I usually have 1 of 3 ways when I finish a book:
1. Good book, fine now lets move on...no big impact at all
2. NOOOO don't end!  I want it to continue and end up doing so in my head or writing it down
3. Are kidding me???  You're going to end it like that?

One that I read recently that fell into category #3...
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
 Gone Girl
A lot of people are really loving this book right now and I must say I did not.  I did enjoy most of it but the ending just ruined it for me...just not how I saw it happening.  I read that last page, realized that was it, closed the book and was so irritated.  I couldn't let it go.  I just kept thinking about how I had just spent hours reading this book, enjoying most of it and now am so irritated.  Not OK!  That defeats the purpose. 

I decided I needed to figure out why I was so irritated because the whole point in reading for me is enjoyment, pleasure and a sense of escape.  I think I figured it out...it was all because there was no "happy ending".  I was a little disappointed with myself.  That seems so superficial, so shallow.  Now lets me clear...there have been a few that I really enjoyed that didn't end up happy but I think I went into it knowing that...historical fiction or non-fiction books about a time in history and I know how it ends up.  But it seems the difference is that those books still focus on the positive even in a very bad situation.

Well...I will keep reading and enjoying.  I will no doubt read some duds but its so fun knowing that the next one might make such an impression on me that I want to write more so it can continue is exciting!

What have you read recently that you loved?
Leave me a comment...maybe it will end in my "to-read" category on Goodreads!

Happy Tuesday!

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elisa said...

I am reading something by Elin Hilderbrand- her books are pretty mindless. WHich is good sometimes. I can't read anything sad.