Monday, June 4, 2012

My bestie came to visit!

I am thankful everyday that I have this lady in my life.

S and I

We have been each others rock for so long and each of us know that we always will be.  There is no question.  There is no doubt.  It just is.
It's amazing.
It's wonderful.
It's true friendship.

Our kiddos like each other's like hangin' with your cousins(cuz's).  It just works!
Z, K(the cuz!), K and L!  The big cuz was back home working at the pool...he was missed! 

We shopped, ate, drank wine, talked, and laughed and then talked some more!  Can't wait to do it at her house in about 5 weeks!



Shana said...

Yay!!! So much fun! Miss & love you all!

elisa said...

I get to to that next week!! It's like a reset button!

Anonymous said...

Like! Donna