Thursday, June 7, 2012

Whatcha been doing?!

So far, here's what we have been up to!!!

The St. Louis Zoo!  The zoo is free so its easy to go for a whole day or just an hour...really nice when you just can't seem to find anything else to do that day.  
The petting zoo

Hanging with friends...lots of this going on!


chit chatting

nice shades Lil!

 I have been busy playing with my new camera.  I hope these pictures look much better to all of you, they sure look better to me!

So many their colors


Tiger-striped ornamental grass

 Oh and our perennial favorite summer activity...climbing trees!

Yesterday they even headed out to the tree in our front yard with iPod and speakers (the twenty-first century version of the boom box!) so they could hang and listen to their favorite music...Fun! 

Side Note:
Do you have an "I'M BORED" rule?
The one major annoyance of summer is when my kiddos come to me an say this.  I am thinking of putting in place a rule that whenever you say it you have to add .25 cents to the snow cone fund...what do you think?!


Shana said...

Your kids are getting to do all the things they wanted to do while we were there - glad you are having fun.
Miss you.

Anonymous said...

So glad FL and MO have many wonderful summer memories... just like Placerville was for us! Donna