Monday, March 19, 2012

Thankful for...

~I started this on "Thankful Thursday" but as you will see, it took me a bit to get it all organized~

Today I am so very thankful for...
my feet
my new walkin' tennies
my new town and their historical society! 

Here is why...

From the Webster Groves Historical Society website-
"Beginning in 2001 with the “Heart of Webster Historic Walk”  and completing in 2007 with the Tuxedo Park walk, the series includes a wonderful cross section of our City, both architecturally and sociologically. The Walks highlight houses and other locations because of their architectural merit or their historical significance. They are helping the City of Webster Groves increase awareness of the outdoor architectural museum we call our neighborhoods. They are educational and recreational."

Here are some of my favs...

Alexander Pierce House, 1909.  He owned a plumbing supply business.

Albert Blackmer House, 1927

Robert Studley House, 1865.  Founder of the R.P. Studley Printing Company.

Edward P. Rice House, 1866, once owned by the founder of the Ralston-Purina Company.

Alexander P. Robinson House, 1890.  Alexander was the superintendent of the Waters Pierce Oil Company.

Edwin Gloor House, 1903. 

J.E. Holland House, 1926.

Gertrude, Blanche, Hattie and Eugenie Brooks House, 1901.  This is one of my true was built for 4 sisters who's family had moved to Webster Groves in the 1880's.  Their family's original farmhouse seems to be very close to where our house is located today...maybe even the farmhouse next door.  I will look into this! 

Frederick H. Gore House, 1891.  This was a wedding present to Frederick from his mother, Katy Gore!

Kate G. Thompson House, 1897.  This was one of 4 houses built by Kate as investments and to attract successful businessmen to Webster from the big city.  In those days Webster was a train ride away from St. Louis which today is easily done and takes only about 10 minutes. 

Warren H Simmons House, 1893.  Mr. Simmons was the secretary for the St. Louis Cotton Exchange.  You can barely see this but at the top of the roof is the top of an atrium that runs down the center of the house allowing sunlight to flood the entry. 

The Catherine (Katy) Gore House, 1891.  Katy (mentioned above) built this house for herself the same year she built the house she gave to her son for a wedding present.  This woman sounds like she was quite the character...I think I will do some research on her!

William L Wright, 1901.  This picure does not do this house justice.  It's big, beautiful and has a separate carriage house with upstairs apartment.  Another one of my most favs!
This has been a major bonus for me as I have started walking once again.  These guided walks are so great because they mix together two of my favorite things, being outside walking and a little history about all the amazing house I see along the way.  There are 7 walks in the's walk was a 2.5 miler called "Ridge at Rock Hill Road".  The guidebook lists homes and buildings, talks about their architectural features and gives a little history of who originally built the house.  I love it!

I also came upon the former house of artist Mary Engelbreit.  I knew she was from St. Louis but I didn't know she once lived here in Webster Groves and for all I know she might still be near...I will keep a look out for her!
Here is her former house...
I can so imagine Miss Ann Estelle, "the princess of quite a lot", playing in this yard!
It is so much better to do the actual walk than to see these pics but I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I will probably do a couple more soon!  


Shana said...

That's a super cool idea. I should make one up of our small town. It would go something like..."here's the crack house on the creek that has 4 pit bulls outside with orange snow fencing to keep everyone feeling just safe enough." or... "here is the house where the original carpet from 1952 remains in the basement as a tribute to all things plaid" - oh wait. That last one is my house!

Alicia said...

Your town is not that bad my dear but the carpet you speak of...yea that is bad! Love!

Mom said...

I love this & can't wait to come walking with you & seeing these beautiful houses. I must invest in some new walking shoes too so I'm ready! I think my favorite is Kate G. little house - is that cute or what! ME lived in WG - wow!

Lori said...

You have found your calling. You are a house historian! You'll have to come to Evanston and do the walking tours at the history center here. You know the history bug is inherited so now you've caught it too!