Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommyhood, mumbling and houses!

Oh my.  Another day.  I am kind of in this weird place.  Things are good, I am happy but I just don't know what to do with myself now that kiddos are in school full-time.  Here's how most days go...

My day starts at 5:15 when I help get the hubby out the door for work.  I like that.  I know that he eats good for his long day and once he's gone I get some time to myself before kiddo craziness ensues.  You know, the craziness of getting 3 kiddos ready for school.  First there's the gripes about having to wake up, then what to wear (my 13er mostly...I never had this problem...ha!), then breakfast, then lunch (why can't school lunches always taste good, I hate making lunch), then the gathering of everything needed for the day, then teeth scrubbing, then grab my coffee-to-go, then the rushing to the car, then off to 2 different school (next year it will be 3 every day...oh the joy!), then goodbye hugs, the love ya's, then it's suddenly quiet.
I am done by 8am (usually).  It's a crazy 3 hours.  I have until 3pm to start collecting everyone. 

I take a deep breath and then...hmmmmmmmm...what now?!

What to do with those 7 hours?     

What ends up happening it that I get nothing done as I have too much time.  I have to/need to find something for myself, something I want to do, something I love doing and make a little money doing it.  I just don't yet know what that is.  I am not complaining..I love being a mom and wife.  They just don't need me like they once did.  So now it's time to put some focus on me and I'm not very good at that...I need to learn...quickly or I might go wacko!

So to get my blood flowing each day, I have started walking every morning (again).  I take my camera with me most days because the houses here in WG are amazing.

I should post them today but I am feeling lazy.  I would have to get up, find my camera, find the cord for downloading, download the pics to my comp, put them in the right folder, then upload them onto here, and then write about them.  I know, it sounds whiney, it is whiney, my kiddos taught me well.

OK, alright...enough are a few lovely houses I saw yesterday as we walked home from school.  Do you think these people mind if I take these pics of their houses?  I hope not! 

The colors are awful but I love the drive through portico leading to the garage

Lovely!  A big front porch like this would be just lovely!
This house was for sale for the longest time and it's just sold and the people have moved in.  It's so huge!  It needs a little TLC...can't wait to see what they do with it!

Love this one too!  Most of these homes have a plaque by their front door (you can barely see it here) labeling them as Century Homes.  This one said 1856!  I love trying to imagine how the people lived, what they wore, how the kids played, etc, when this house was new!

Walking home! 

Ahhhh...itt feels good to have that done and there will be more to come!  I found an even better street with some pretty amazing old houses on my walk this I only need a better camera.

Come visit again!


elisa said...

I can relate to a lot of your post- the craziness of the morning. And then I usually have an hour of quiet before the little girly gets up- she sleeps late. It is nice.

I know that moving into a new stage in your life is tough. If we had not adopted Eva I would be right where you are- with three in 3 different schools next year.

I am in LOVE with those houses. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Shana said...

See? Downloading pictures is a pain. If only I could connect my phone to my computer like magic (or using 'the cloud').

Totally love those houses!

Mom said...

It is a pretty neighbor to walk through - I love looking at houses too.

As to what to do with the extra time - maybe now is the time to think about finishing your degree. Just a thought!