Saturday, June 19, 2010

Katia...growing up and fairy houses!

My oldest baby is growing up and acts that way most of the time.  She is a typical, moody, lovable, eye-rolling pre-teen who I adore with all my heart and who loves me most of the time. 

I love that she is just like me...(I hate that she is just like me!) 
She loves playing with what few high heels I own, she loves to wear my 1 fancy dress, she loves to paint her nails, she loves to do her sister's hair, she loves to rearrange her room, she loves her girlfriends, she loves to have a craft project and she adores shopping...PERFECT!  
But every now and then I still see glimpses of my little girl again and I suddenly know that my time with her, under my wing is growing shorter and shorter.  

Here she is just a few years ago...the first day of first grade!  This was such a magical day and I remember it so clearly.  It was early morning and we were waiting for the bus to arrive.  She was nervous because it was the first time she had ever gotten to ride the bus because I took her everyday to kindergarten...I wasn't quite ready to give her up yet.  She met one of her best buddies that day...just 2 short bus stops down!
And here she is today(right)...just 3 weeks ago at 5th grade graduation with her 2 bff's!
Wow!  The time just zooms by and it seems like it can't be possible that we are already I must have missed something.   

But as I said, my baby girl still shows up some's always magical.  

She designed a sweet fairy house.  It was a rainy day and she worked on this for hours.  It has named beds for each fairy to lay their fairy heads on, wonderful stairs to get to all the floors and backpacks hanging out waiting to help their fairy pals.  I love it!  
I love that it combines everything she is all in one...creative, beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, and imaginative.  

These days are numbered and I will always cherish every one.  You will always be extra special K as you taught me how to be a mommy and I have loved every minute of it!   

I love you K!  Mom

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