Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Birthday to my first baby girl! 
She is a wonderful girl-so full of life, love, happiness, and sincere kindness. 
She is a joy and she blesses our hearts everyday! 

She had a fun birthday planned.  She invited her 2 besties and once they arrived we headed to get manicures.  They it was off to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and shopping at the mall.  They went one direction in the mall and her Dad and I went the other.  We were close but not too close!  We met up at 8:45, right before closing and heard all about their 2 hours shopping and having "the best time ever!".

Happy 14th Birthday my Love!  

This is the picture I like the best...

K in the middle with her 2 besties!

This is the one K likes!

K's new haircut!

Scary thought...she goes to highschool next year.  She is only 1 year from being able to learn to drive a car.  She LIKES BOYS! 
Oh no...



Aunt Lori said...

Happy Birthday my dear Katia! Love from all your fam in Chicago!

Shana said...

Whoa! Katia - you look so grown up with those bangs! Ugh. 14 came too fast!