Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to normal?! Maybe a little...

Things are starting to feel feels really good.
As most of you know, we have done a bit of moving the last 2 years.  We sadly left our life in Boulder the summer of 2010. Carl's little brother in FL had suddenly and shockingly past away.  We arrived in FL thinking we would stay a couple weeks and hang with the family.  We had options because Carl was out of work so once those 2 weeks were up we decided that maybe we could make FL work for our family.  We got the kids enrolled in school, moved our stuff down (several trips) and started making our new life. didn't work out.  We loved the beach, being near my In-Laws and the warm weather, but there just was no way to support our family.
And then things changed...for the better!  Carl started working for a company in St. Louis
...the bad was in St. Louis and we were finally all moved in and settled in FL.  At first he would leave us for a couple weeks at a time, work his butt off, and then drive or fly back to visit a couple/few days and then leave again.  It was hard for all of us and just a bit expensive.
The decision was finally made to move to St. L.  While I packed up the house in FL with a lot of kiddo help, Carl was back in MO working and trying to find us the perfect community.  With a little help from new friends, we found the perfect rental, the perfect town and great schools. 
So now we are here!  We have a nice, old home (built in the early 1900's-LOVE IT!), our stuff has made it's way from FL, the kids love their schools and have made new friends, Carl's job is going gang-busters, and I have startled back into the working world.  I am working part time for the same company as Carl but I work in the accounting dept.
It feels good.  I feel like we are getting ourselves back on track.  I feel as if we are living in a place that could be home for a long time.  We all feel the same way.

We learned a lot a long the way...
1. you don't NEED everything you WANT
2. don't be afraid to try something new
3. it's OK to ask for help when you truly need it
4. it's hard to stick together and tough it out but it feels so good when you succeed
5. have faith that you can MAKE things different
and finally...
6. garage sales are AWESOME!

Off we go!


Shana said...

I'm amazed by you guys.
There were some really hard times but love truly does conquer all!
So glad you are back in driving distance. Now...maybe I should drive there!

Alicia said...

YES please!

Mom said...

Well said Sweetie. Dad & I are so proud of all of you. Hugs