Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi all!

If you have read my blog for know this blog is about random stuff, it's my random blog and Thursday are now Random Thankful Day!

You already all know that I am thankful for family, kiddos, job...

So from now on, when I say Thankful Thursday, just think of those things as a forgone conclusion...I want this to be something random in life that makes this particular day easier.

It's something that I/we might not think about too often or take for granted...for example, Oxygen...I don't think about the fact that I am able to survive on this earth everyday because of O2 (let's keep it clean please, I would like to keep on breathing for many years to come!).

Maybe it's something simple that makes you smile...example...the show Parenthood!!! 
Love this show!
I love that it makes me laugh and cry within the hour that its on my TV.  It's like an cleanse of all the emotional crap that seems to build up in a week.  I hate when they take breaks though...thank goodness they are back with more shows now!

Maybe you are thankful for something that doesn't get used often but you are sure happy you have it when you need it...and that leads me to my thankfulness of the insurance!  When you don't have it, it can be stressful, I know this as we didn't have it for a while and we had some major health issues.
Today I need to make an appointment for my littlest for new glasses...the glasses I blogged about last year around this time.  Yes, her and I together lost her glasses.  I think what happened was she decided to use a new backpack a couple months ago and I decided to donate the old one to Goodwill without checking to make sure it was completely empty.  Some body at Goodwill got some very cute purple prescription glasses and I now need to replace them!  Oh the joys!  Last year though this was a bit of a strain for us, this year, not so much, thank you job and Anthem/Blue Cross!

I wonder if she will choose purple again...???!!!  I will let you know!



Unknown said...

The simple things like health, huh?! Amen to that.

I am thankful to hear my three year old talk so child-like, so innocent, so caring, so matter of fact, and so articulate already. I'm enjoying the last moments of this.

Mom & Dad said...

We are thankful for a nice, secure, warm home that meets all our needs; also, the woodpile to keep the wood burning stove going.