Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kansas State University!

I love Kansas State!  I have all my life!  I think I might have some purple blood.
My Dad played football for KState in the late 50's and I always knew that I would be a KStater.
There was really no question.

I spent my highschool years going to every football game...when they weren't so good.
I my spent college years going to more football games and lots of basketball games...when the BBall program started being pretty darn good at KState.
Now I am quite a good distance from Manhattan, KS and KState but they are always my favorite.  Forever!

I have an unhealthy dislike for the "other" school in the state...wait...what other school?!!!
My kiddos sometimes get confused about which Kansas school they are supposed to not OK with me!  I only say this because I think most of the "other team's" fans have just as unhealthy dislike for KState.

Thanks to the internet, I am watching KState Basketball against Oklahoma, listening/ignoring my kids while they "rough house", doing my blog and finding fun stuff on Pinterest!
Life is good!

and...if I were at the game right now, this is what I would be wearing!!!

PERFECT, right?!!!!


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Mom said...

Perfect. Love that purple!!!