Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just randomness busyness!

Hi Everyone!

Well I got my fabrics, my machine and my other essentials out and into the family room the other day and all I succeeded in was making a mess.  I also gave myself a slight annoyance though because my girls decided I got it all out just for them and that I must have the time now to teach them how to sew.

Oh the joys...breathe, just breathe!

I am actually more busy now than ever and that's ok with me...most of the time.
I do lose it though...just ask the hubby.
I enjoy all of the stuff I am involved in but man the days can be a bit crazy.
K and L are in figure skating lessons and need to practice at least 2 nights a week with their lessons taking a 3rd night.
Z has started Bball and has official practice 1 night a week but wants to practice on his own 2 other nights.
K has yearbook and student council along with all her studies.
Of course that means I am running back and forth to schools, work, the schools again, and then to the rec. 

The life and times of a crazy, busy, happy mom!

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Mom said...

Busy, busy, busy! Wow. Take a deep breath & just enjoy this time in the kiddos lives. It is precious.