Thursday, January 26, 2012

I think I get it now!!!

So I have mentioned Pinterest a couple times lately and that it's relatively new to me.  I just didn't get it at first but I think I am gettin' it now.
So the best way I can explain  it is when I am online, say a fabric store, I can "window" shop to my hearts desire and when I see a fabric I like I  "pin it" and put it on a board.  These boards are "virtual" files of things I love and I can make and label them whatever I want them to be.  Now I have kept real files with pages and pages from magazines of great ideas...craft ideas/recipes/decorating ideas/dream home stuff/etc forever.  This is just a non-bulky method of doing the same thing.   

Pinterest is also great because the picture I "pin" links me back to the page where I found it.  This way I can buy it when I am ready.  Great idea!

Now I suggest you go lose yourself as I have...Pinterest

Some fun stuff I have found on Pinterest and now WANT!!!!

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

Now for the questions that arise...where can I get it all and how much is it going to cost me?!!!
The green in the second set of pics is awesome!

Happy Thursday and maybe happy pinning/shopping!


Mom said...

What fun. I love your choices - I've always loved doing fashion stuff; I got away from it for a while but am enjoying doing it again. I even checked out Macy's jewelry sale a while ago. No costume jewelry so it was all way over my budget, but fun to look.

You would look beautiful in any and all that you chose - I know you'll pull that look together if not the exact items.


Shana said...

Ok - you figure out how we can BOTH get those outfits - very cute!
And the blog looks awesome!

Mom said...

I"m not so sure the first choices really looks like you; but the second one is definitely YOU!