Monday, February 22, 2010

Snoooow Fun!

Saturday was a good day!  It was our second snow day in a end in site either.  Carl had plans so he took off early in the morning.  I slept in (7:45!!!) and the kiddos quietly played wii and ds.  At least I think they were quiet...I put my earplugs in around 5AM and didn't hear a thing...PERFECT!  (my oldest is 11 yrs. old...she can easily babysit while Mom takes a deserved break from an early wake time!  Thanks Sissy!)  

We decided to spend our morning at the public library.  We live in Boulder but we had heard that Longmont, the town just to the north of us, had a great library too so we had to check it out.  We all loved it!  The kids section is really wonderful!  So that was the morning...

The afternoon was not so civilized.  While I was doing some sewing, the kiddos hung out. They played inside with their games, dress-up, laughing, wrestling, and then sliding down the stairs over and over and over again.  It was all fun but I just had to change things up a bit (a bit too crazy).  I told the kids to get their snow stuff on (again) because we were headed out.  They all assumed we were going sledding but Mom doesn't do sledding so much...just not my thing.

This is what we ended up doing...a neighboring playground that we hadn't been to in quite a long time!  They were so psyched!  Easy enough!
HAVE FUN AND PLAY SAFE...hmmm...that is just what I had been saying over and over again as they were zooming down the stairs at home!

This is what they did!
The pics are a bit dark...sorry...It was snowing hard the entire time but they loved every minute of it...I bet they played for 45 minutes!  

After I quickly took these pics, this is what I did!  
Now this is my thing...warm, cozy, quiet time doing my favorite things...reading, crocheting and watching my kiddos have a great time!  PERFECT! 

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Jamie said...

I love it! Taking the kids to a playground in winter has never even crossed my mind. It is the perfect idea! Very clever.