Monday, February 8, 2010

Courage or craziness??!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

So I saw this story a couple weeks ago and just had to check it out.  I have been following everyday since.
It was all about a 16 yr. old girl in CA who was getting ready to launch a 6-7 month excursion, by herself, circumnavigating the world in her sail boat.  At first it was so amazing...what a fun adventure...I don't think I could ever do that.  It didn't quite hit me that she is only 16. 
At one point, she stated she is taking a southern route so that she can avoid pirates...I don't think I would have the guts...way too scary.  Check her out! 
Here is her website,
Here is her near-daily blog, 

Come to find out, Abby's brother has already done this trek and completed it in about 6 months and that there is another 16 yr. old girl in the middle of her journey.  Her name is Jessica and she is from Australia.
Her website:
Her near-daily blog:

 Now I ask you...What do you think?  Is this courage or crazy?  If trained, would you do this? 

My one friends reaction..."Does she have parents?" 

I hope this is their dream, that they are doing this for themselves and not being pressured by outside forces (parents included).  If this is their dream, I send them lots of well wishes.  Leads me to the another question...No matter how crazy they might be, do we have the guts to follow our dreams?  It does take guts to make yourself only get one shot!

Well I will continue to follow their journey's daily!
I am sending lots of luck, best wishes, and prayers their way! 
Be safe girls and have fun following your dream...may we all follow your lead!    

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