Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After all it's..."Just A Buck"!

My son's 3rd grade class decided they wanted to do something to help the kids in Haiti that have all recently lost so much.  The original idea was for them to make a video to post on and help raise money that way.  It was idea that no one could possibly say no to..."Just a Buck"!  
Since then, the word has spread and today, Channel 9 in Denver decided to do a story about their efforts.  So many things have been absorbed in this teaching but COMPASSION is the key here.  The kids really do feel as though they are making a difference and it's a wonderful thing to see it in their faces.  

Here is the link to the "Just a Buck" website through Boulder Valley School District...this will link you to their video and also to the Colorado Haiti Project if you would like to make a donation.  

Here is the link to today's 9News video...Zander is a big part of this one, he is the one reading to the dog and class in the red jersey!

Here is our star!!!

We all send lots of well wishes and prayers to those in Haiti who are living through an unimaginable experience.  Hopefully this kindness will help them just a little! 

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