Friday, February 12, 2010

Zander's Science Project!

It's that time of year...Science fairs galore and Zander found a pretty fun science project!

The Canister Rocket! 

Materials needed:
Alka Seltzer (generic Alka Seltzer works fine too)
film canister
saftey goggles
baking pan to contain mess (works pretty good)

It's very fill the film canister half full, put the antacid tablet in the lid, put the lid on, flip the caniter upside down and stand back.  As the carbon dioxide builds up, so does the pressure and the canister flies.  So easy and the kids love this!!

I love the looks on everyone's faces...just what Zander was hoping for!
You did a great job Zander!!!!!!!!!!! 

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onebadrunner said...

Nice job Zander...
famous and fun!