Friday, February 19, 2010

Latest projects...latest fun!

I have finally gotten back behind my sewing machine.  It's been awhile.  With all the medical stuff going on last year and me getting used to some meds (hate, hate, hate...did I mention hate?!), it's been hard.  I haven't lost my desire though...just sometimes my drive is non-existent.  It does feel so good though when I get to sit down and just escape behind my machine.
So here is some of the latest stuff!

A Bella Bag for a the way this turned out!!!
An Izzy Bag!  This time I wanted to show off the liner fabric on the outside this fabric!
A Carol Ann Bag!  This is my version of the messenger bag...such a great bag.  This was made for another friend...she wanted bold and bright...we did that!
With some extra fabric I threw together this scarf that's lined with fleece and has a pocket to hold your MP3!  Perfect for walks in the cold!
The newest creation...The Kaete Bag!  A small messenger bag for anyone but perfect for girls!
In the works...the black is the softest cord fabric I could find!
My my stash!!
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Happy Friday to Fam and Friends!  XOXO

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rkluson said...

WOW! GREAT HAIRCUT, Katia!!! I can't believe how you have grown this year!!! You are already a YOUNG LADY, and I seem to have missed the part where you sprang from being a young girl to a young lady - all so FAST!! I know you will enjoy your new haircut every day, and I'm sure you will get lots of compliments from your friends. Please tell your Mom a big THANK YOU for posting your photo on this blog! And congrats on your making those delicious cookies - they looked really yummy! Much, much love from your Baba xxxxx :)