Thursday, February 4, 2010

100th Day of School!!!

This week the kids' school is celebrating their 100th day of school and Lili's Kindergarten class had a special project they had to do! 
To help the kiddos visualize what 100 is...they had to find items that they could easily collect in quantities of 100.  Since we LOVE to bake and chocolate around here, we chose a red, heart shape and white chocolate chips.  We had to place them in groups of 10 and be extra sure it totalled exactly 100.  We double check, triple checked and glued about 10 times so nothing falls off as we take it to school. 

She did a great job!  What do you think...
She also had a fun time!  We did this on Monday, a day she "didn't feel good" (she was fine, can you tell?)
My thoughts...

100 does not seem like that much when you are pasting white chocolate chips onto a page...sad!
Why does summer seem to go so slow and here 100 days of school has already passed?  Crazy! 

Happy 100th day Lili, Katia and Zander!

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