Thursday, February 18, 2010

Luna B. Tees

I have to share this website with you guys!  My friend Michelle from high school started this site and I couldn't be more proud...she has done amazing and the stuff she sells is really so cute!  Her site is full of adorable, personalized tees that she makes herself.  So Creative!
You can get a tee for you daughter or son's birthday,  a holiday tee with their name,  a tee for the big sis or bro to be proud of their new baby sib,  a shirt for your dog, and even matching tees for your girls and their dolls.  Really cute!

 Please check out her wonderful site and if the desire comes along, go with it and place an order!  If you use the link in the sidebar...she will know you found her through me!  Us moms, we gotta support each other! 

Happy Shopping!

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