Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's wrong with "House-cleaning day"???

It started like this...Summer starts this Friday!!!!!!!!!!  Yea!!!!!!!

A Kiddo/Mom meeting was in order... 

This is no laughing matter..I have to prepare...for my own sanity!

Good news...I need to make lists of all the fun (free) stuff to do, plan "Free Day", swimming outings, bike rides, hiking, bowling, weekends to WY!!  Great Mom...you rock!

Bad news...I need to plan home-school stuff, chore lists, house cleaning day, recycling day, laundry day and finally daily quiet time!
WHAT????!!!  Mommmmm!     

Most everything was exceptable to them expect house-cleaning day and daily quiet time...I got a big thumbs down for both...they actually started bargaining for 1/2 hour...hmmm...don't get why?  It's such a great thing to help your mom clean the house.  I have very good memories of helping my Mom when I was a kid clean the house during summer break while Loveboat played in the background.  It was on at 10 am on one of the 5 channels we got via the huge antennae on our house.  It was fun...right?!!!!

Here is the reaction at our meeting...

The meeting started like this...

And ended like this...
They only pretend...I think...!  Loveboat anyone?!  Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

that was funny.
can't wait to see you!