Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am back...I think.
I can't believe it was mid-March since I last posted .  It has been a nice break.  It was a much needed break.  I don't like to be too personal on my blog because I like keeping my family's privacy in mind but I been focusing on me, the hub and my kiddos for a while.
To say this past year has been difficult is an understatement but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I learned many lessons...what matters most in life is family, good health mentally and physically and...groceries.  I felt a bit dishonest about my posts when I would post all the lovely pics of the beach and the fun we were having (on one hand) and then not sharing the more difficult side of life (the other hand).  I don't think I ever want to use this as a dumping ground for my struggles but I do want to be more honest...when I'm having a rough day I want to share that too.  I don't want there to be someone out there struggling and read my blog and leave thinking that all is just perfect. 
There have been times when I have finished reading someone's blog feeling so completely down.  I would either be jealous that I am not able to live my life like they are, sad that I could not run out and buy this or that thing, or outright mad that they do not appreciate the fact that they CAN go buy all this great stuff or make these incredible crafts.  The whole blogging thing had become very discouraging. 

So I must make it a real account of my life.  Good and bad days, pretty and ugly days!  We all have them and it's okay to share them. 

When my kiddos were little, I was in a weekly playgroup.  That day was the best day of the week sometimes.  We would all arrive at whomever's house, the kiddos would all congregate somewhere together and us moms would sit around the family room, the dining table or kitchen island with coffees in hand and share anything and everything...that is what I want this blog to be.  A play date!  I would love you to join...but you must be honest goes both ways!     


Anonymous said...

Ali, way to go, girl! Life isn't always "sunshine and rainbows", and it's ok to share when it's not. I'm going to say a little prayer for you this morning that you can find a new "play group" in sunny Florida! I don't know what I would have done without your friendship in college...a circle of girlfriends is VITAL for our survival :)
Love and hugs,
Carrie Beth

Mom said...

Thanks Sweetie - Being honest with ourselves first is vital. As you know I've read a lot about those who settled the western US & the women are amazing - they brought civilization! As they were crossing in those wagon trains, they formed what they called a "circle of friends" which helped them cope - reach out & wrap yourself in you circle of friends - we're all here for you. Hugs, Mom

Dad said...

Carrie has it right - the power of prayer is amazing as the hymn Amazing Grace says. I love you & am very proud of you. Dad