Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa!

Visit #2:  G and G came to visit and we had such an great time.  They arrived a day early and stayed a day longer (for them, that is amazing!) and we filled our days. 
We now live very far away from them but we live in a place that is great to visit in Winter and I am hoping they will take advantage of that and stay a lot longer during those freezing winters that WY endures. 

Some of the fun...
Day 1-Friday, hanging at home
C getting oranges from the tree in backyard!
Thanks Aunt Lori and Daniel...these guys loved the goodies G and G brought!
Earning a little $!  Quote of the day, "Grandpa, I charge $3 but I also accept tips!"  The girl knows what she's doing!

Day 2-Myaaka State Park and Siesta Key Beach
Visitors must go to Myaaka State Park! 
They were finally out and they were everywhere!  We saw so many this time.  Very cool!
Siesta Beach...the kiddos made this incredible volcano and used their swim tubes to make it work!  Very, very cool!
I love this picture!

Day 3 was spent at home watching the Daytona 500!  I was so into the race that I forgot to take some pics...it was a really fun race.  I am a new Nascar fan!

Day 4-our favorite place Anna Maria Island!
Anna Maria Island City Pier...celebrating 50 years!
G and G!

Enjoying Happy Hour at the AMI City Pier Restaurant!  Thanks Gramps!

Happy Kiddos!
Day 5

We had a wonderful visit!  I hate saying goodbye...so it's so long for now!


Kirsten said...

Looks like a very fun visit!
Happy to connect with you via the hop. I'm your newest follower- hope you can visit me at www.random-utterances.com. See you soon!

Dawn said...

Love looking at your fun pictures in the sun!! Can't wait for the snow to melt here! Following you now from the hop! =)

Mom & Dad said...

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Got home today & as we were unloading the car it started to snow (lightly though). Later, when we were putting things away, 14 deer came to welcome us home. Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to see you all soon! It is gonna be fun be sista and auntie again! Love ya all!