Monday, February 28, 2011

Yea me!!!

I got an award!  I am very excited about it and I have this lovely, "Crazy Mom" to thank for it!
Thanks Lori at Chronicles of a Crazy Mom!

I don't want to keep it to myself...I am going to pay it forward.  I do this blogging thing because it's a an important connection to my family and friends back home and frankly, it's cheap therapy but when other bloggers acknowledge your work, it feels really good. 

So I want to...

Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award... Crazy Mom Lori 
Share 7 random things about myself...just because...  (check!)

1. I love anything to do with sewing and I taught myself to embroider and crochet this year
2. The library is one of my favorite can never have enough books to read
3. Parenthood (the show) is must-see TV
4. I firmly believe that you can never have too much Chocolate
5. I love to scuba dive w/ my hubby
6. Coffee is a wonderful way to begin the day
7. I dream of opening a yarn/fabric shop
Pay it forward to other great bloggers and let these bloggers know how much I enjoy their blogs!  (check!)
Stylish (lovely) Blogs!
3. Reinvented 

4. Haute Mom 

8. Saved By Love 

I so enjoy the company I keep with these and so many other bloggers out there in the WWW.  I just want you to know I appreciate your time spent sharing you life, loves, heartaches, families, etc.  Women are great!  We listen, we share and we support each other any way we can.  When my kiddos (ages 12, 10,7) were little my Mom's club group was an important part of my week.  The kiddos came along and got to play but it was us Mom's who really got the most out of our time together and this is what I get from blogging.    

Now go check out these ladies and their lovely blogs!  

Cheers Bloggy Ladies!   


Callie said...

Wow! Congrats on your award, and thanks for mentioning my blog in return! I will pay it forward, too.

Loved your list. I am totally in whole hearted agreement with your thoughts on the library, Parenthood (LOVE it) and coffee!

Lori (your sister!) said...

Yea you!

Donna Mac said...

Just checked out your blog and am following...hope you will follow back!
Great Blog!
Donna, Wicked Centsable

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Thanks Alicia, how sweet!

Shana said...

Look at you.
I always knew you were stylish.